Vlcc Soothing After Sun Gel Review


Vlcc soothing after Sun Gel Review

Happy monsoon girls 🙂

Though monsoon has covered almost every region of India yet few still facing the heat!

It’s so hot these days, I just can’t stand summers. I hate this season. So I always look for products that soothe my skin on summers. I saw this ‘after sun gel’ in a store and without waiting a second I grabbed it.

As now I had something new to use I was excited to go out and face the sun so that I get a chance to use this soothing gel 😀 anyways, well as soon as I came back I used this gel on my face and I felt nothing. This gel just sat on my skin and did nothing lets read why in this sun gel review. 🙁


Price:  175RS for 70gm

What the product claims

Over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun is responsible for skin darkening and ageing.  After a glorious day under the sun, VLCC Soothing after Sun Gel, cools and calms skin, reduces redness and helps prevent peeling of the skin.  A refreshing formulation, enriched with Red Algae Gel and Sea buckthorn Fruit Oil, it helps visibly reduce the after effects of sun exposure.  It effectively hydrates dry, rough, and chapped skin and helps combat against free radical damage.


How to Use Vlcc Soothing After Sun Gel Review

Apply an even layer on just exposed to the sun skin for soothing and cooling relief. Reapply if desired.

Ingredients: Red Algae Gel, Aloe Vera Extract, Olive Oil, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Witchhazel Extract, Chamomile Extract, Rose Water Distillate.

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Vlcc Soothing After Sun Gel Review

My experience with VLCC Soothing after Sun Gel

It’s a light orange color gel which has slight orangish fragrance which I liked. It spreads easily on skin but still you will need large amount to cover your whole face. When I applied it I felt nothing except a slight cooling sensation which I would also feel if I will apply water on my face, so nothing special about this cooling sensation. Also, after rinsing my skin felt slightly dry. This gel does not help to remove the tan at all.

Such high claim with so many natural ingredients, still what I got is nothing. This gel is a dud for me.

My likes and dislikes about this product


This is the first time I have nothing to write here still I will say that I liked the smell of this gel.


  1. Does nothing to relax skin.
  2. Does not help to remove tan.
  3. Gives a slight cooling sensation which I will also get on applying water, so nothing special.
  4. Makes skin slightly dry.


My Rating:


Will I recommend it?

NO, it’s total money wastage. Let me know your views for my ‘Vlcc soothing after Sun Gel Review’.