Anna Andre Deluxe Crème Lipstick in Shade 40201


Anna Andre Deluxe Crème Lipstick in Shade 40201

Hello beauties

Today I am here to share m experience with the new lipstick that I got online. This was added to my cart just to save the shipping amount. This is my first lipstick from this range and from this brand too. Let’s see what I personally think about this lipstick


IMG_0448Product Description:

The Deluxe Creme Lipsticks from Anna Andre, Paris is a dream to carry and apply. This moisture enriched product ensures that the color stays true on your lips and doesn’t feather or fade for hours!


Rs. 220 for 1.9 gm


IMG_0449My Experience with Anna Andre Deluxe Creme Lipstick in Shade 40201:


The lipstick comes in a simple black colored twist pencil with a transparent cap. The cap is so loose that it comes out easily, so you cannot carry this lipstick in your handbag.



I love the texture of this lipstick; it is so creamy just like butter. It glides on lips so smoothly and moisturizes them very well. I don’t have to apply my lip balm if I am using this lipstick. Even after applying two layers of this lipstick it feels very light on lips.

Pigmentation and Staying power:

The pigmentation of this lipstick is quite good. I just apply two coats and I am good to go. This lipstick has a glossy finish and this glossy finish stays on lips just for about half an hour and the lipstick stays on lips just for 1 or 2 hours and also gets easily transferred.


I don’t wear nude shades as they wash me off completely and make me look sick. But this shade I love. It’s a nude shade with slight pinkish color in it which I love.

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IMG_0454Let’s Sum Up The Pros And Cons:


  1. Lovely pinkish nude shade.
  2. Moisturizes the lips very well.
  3. Nice pigmentation.
  4. Feels very light on lips even after applying two layers of it.


  1. Easily get transferred.
  2. Bad staying power.
  3. Not travel friendly.
  4. Contains parabens.

Will I recommend it?

If nude shades wash you off and makes you look sick then you can try this shade, but I think the ladies with heavy pigmented lips should stay away from this shade.

My Rating:

3.9/5, what’s your view on Anna Andre Deluxe Crème Lipstick share it on comments below.