Bad Makeup Day – Worst Makeup Worn By Your Favorite Celebrities


In life we all suffer from bad makeup day but when it comes to our favorite celebrities who have their personal assistant for makeup, nothing bad should be expected from them. Still many of the celebrities suffer from bad makeup day; today let’s take a look on some bad makeup moments of our favorite celebrities. It will be fun too watch them 😛

1.      Sonam kapoor


Sonam kapoor is a style icon among the youngsters still if you look at her in this photo you will find that she is looking so ghasti! There is too much of everything on her face. Too much blush, too much bronzer and, overdone eye broze even her eyes are also looking so puffy and baggy.

2.      Rani mukherji


Look at her, this photo of her seems really funny to me. 😛 Looks like our pretty rani mukherjee wanted to look fairer so she dipped her face in a tub of light color foundation. 😛 The foundation is not at all matching her skin and her face is looking much fairer then her body.

3.      Kangna  Ranaut


Our QUEEN, she looked so damn good as well as so simple in her recent movie queen. Take a look at this photo she has used blush on almost her whole face, and the brown eye shadow on her eyes makes her eyes looks tiered as if she has got dark circles maybe of sleepless night. 😛 And lastly dewy foundation is making her skin look so oily.

4.      Amisha patel

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Again a too light foundation according to the skin plays its role here to make amisha patel look like a ghost. Her face color is not at all matching her body color. It is looking as if she is sweating too much.

5.      Gauri khan:


Not an actress but the wife of King Khan also suffered a bad makeup day. Here her lipstick is not at all going with her skin tone.  I dint know what she has tried to do by applying a heavy lip color and keeping everything plain and simple as this is not at all looking  good on her. She should have used some concealer as her age is reflecting from her face.

6.      Sushmita sen


Again one more beauty queen who was not able to match her foundation with her skin tone, Sushmita sen ruined her look completely with it.

7.      Mahie gill


I think I will get tired of writing actress bad makeup day but the pictures of actresses using uneven foundation won’t end. Mahie gill painted her face white, I don’t know by what she has tried to match her face.

8.      Celina jaitely


GHOST! This is what comes in my mind when I look at this picture of Celina jaitley. She has an amazing figure and amazing skin but here she too went wrong. I think she tried to use everything too much and converted herself in to a ghost. Dark lips with heavy winged eyeliner and false lashes and those scary lenses. Someone must have surely signed her for horror movie I guess. 😛

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9.      Deepika padukone


She looks gorgeous always, but here I do not like her pink lipstick, it is not suiting her bronze skin tone.

10.  Aishwarya rai


Her eye makeup is looking gorgeous; foundation is also matching perfectly with her skin tone but look at the blush it is looking as if someone has scratched her face. The blush has not been blended perfectly.

11.  Juhi chawla


She looks gorgeous today also she looked great in her movie Gulaabi Gang. You all must have watched coffee with karan in which juhi was the guest, she looked awesome there. Now let’s talk about this photo of hers, one more ghost added to our list. 😛 I don’t know what the makeup artist was thinking while doing her makeup, trying to make her look like a witch. The lipstick has been matched with the color of lenses which turned our cute princess juhi chawla into witch.

12.  Sarah jane dias


I think she has not heard anything about matte foundation. Look at her greasy face and the metallic eye shadow she has used. Without any lip color she tried to keep herself look simple but failed.

13.  Bipasha basu


Women with flawless skin, awesome body fails here to match her foundation with her skin tone. The foundation is too light making her look pale. She has kept her lips and eyes simple which is not at all looking good.

So this was the list of some of the never ending celebrities on their bad makeup day. This is not expected from them. They have makeup artist but it doesn’t mean they don’t have mirror with them. They can check themselves before going out and getting their photos clicked. Depending on makeup artist completely can make a too.

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