Basicare Glass Nail File Review


Basicare Glass Nail File Review

Hey girls today I am going to review Basicare glass nail file. This is my first glass nail file and it has become my favorite. 🙂

Since, a very long time I’m using a metal nail file to shape and file my nails. But still I used to have bad nails which use to break all the time. Maybe the metal nail file causes the reason. To fix this up I did some research and after searching a lot about nail care on internet I came across with this new version of nail file; made of glass. I ordered basicare glass nail file online from my regular site as it seems very affordable to me also I trust basicare products. I use so many different products of basicare and they all seem okay to me; hence I decided to order the basicare glass nail file. 


What does the product claims?

This glass nail file is a unique filling tool that smoothes and finishes nails to an extra fine edge. It helps prevent nail from cracking and splitting. This file is ideal for natural or acrylic nails.




How to use-

File your nails when dry to ensure smoother edges. Always file in one direction from the sides of the nails towards the center. Back and forth filing may cause cracking and splitting of nails.


Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by children.

How to take care of basicare glass nail file

Use bristle brush to remove residue. To clean, rinse gently in warm water.

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My Take on Basicare Glass Nail File

I was very excited to use it when I received this glass nail file. I cannot describe you girls how great and amazing feeling I had when I used it for the very first time. It smoothens and shapes my ridges on nails in very less time as compared to the metal nail file. There was no breakage no scratchy sound while using this nail file. Even it do not cause any damage to my nails as I used to get cracked and chipped nails whenever I try filing them with the metal nail file. After filing I noticed white powder on this nail file which can simply be cleaned by just washing it under tap water and letting it dry. After drying it again becomes new. The product asks to wash the file with lukewarm water but I just use the normal water and it works.

As I used this nail file I started hating my metal nail file and I took that metal nail file out of my box and threw it away in dustbin 🙂  (Yes I really did thatJ). Now I want to say sorry to my nails for giving such a severe treatment with that hard metal on for such a long time. My nails won’t forgive me! 🙁


Let’s move to the pros and cons of basicare glass nail file


  1. It gives better results as compared to the metal one. It smoothens the edges of nails and there is no more breakage.
  2. Takes very less time to file nails as compared to the metal one.
  3. It is really easy to clean.
  4. It is very gentle on nails.
  5. No more scratchy sounds.
  6. It is very durable. I think it will last for very long time unless I drop it by mistake.
  7. It looks beautiful because of its transparent glass and a purple color on it.
  8. Very affordable. I think Rs.200 is a good price for this amazing product.
  9. Glass nail files are not porous so they can be easily cleaned and they do not create a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.
  10. Easily available.
  11.  Made of 100% glass.
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  1. It is very delicate and can break very easily.
  2. Storage. It is better to store this fragile nail file in proper cases. If these are exposed to any kind of pressure then their chances of cracking increases.

I cannot find any other cons. This product is just amazing. I am never ever going to use hard metal file on my nails again. I highly recommend all girls to throw away your metal nail file and get the glass one in your pocket. Your nails will be under relief, trust me. 🙂


My rating