Bath and Body works Products – Gift from Brother


Bath and Body works Products – Gift from Brother

Hey Beauties

As I told you all that my brother recently got married. He came from US after such a long time and bought me so many gifts that includes makeup, bags, and beauty products. I love my brother so much, he don’t talk much but still I enjoy every moment with him, he is the coolest brother I have in this world. I miss him so much now. 🙁

So today I am going to share the Bath and Body Works product that he picked up for me. He bought three lotions of different fragrances’ and two shower gels of the same fragrances’ of their respective body lotion, now I don’t understand why he picked two shower gels, why he left the third fragrance. On my calculations I think he just picked up these products randomly without thinking, like all boys do. 😛 He also picked up a Japanese cherry blossom Golden sugar scrub. I am glad that he brought just one scrub as I don’t use scrubs that much, but he didn’t knew about this. Therefore, one more random pick by him. Boys!:P

The three different fragrances of body lotions I got are:

  1. Moonlight Path
  2. Japanese Cherry Blossom
  3. Beautiful Day

The two fragrances of shower gels I got are:

  1. Moonlight path
  2. Japanese Cherry blossom

Scrub I got:

  1. Japanese cherry blossom golden sugar scrub.
Bath and body works products
Bath and Body Works Products
Bath and body works body lotions.
Bath and Body Works Body Lotions.
Btah and Body works shower gel
Bath and Body Works Shower Gel
Bath and Body works Golden Sugar Scrub
Bath and Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub

I am using these products right now, and will share my experience with you all very soon. So keep reading.

Love you all! 🙂

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