Beauty benefits of ice – Have a nice cooling summers


Hey everyone

Summers have arrived and I just hate them. Sun burns my skin, it causes tanning and I start looking the worst on the days of summers :(. So i try to take as much care as I can to keep my skin refreshed on summers. First thing that the skin need during summer is the cooling effect, and the best and the cheapest way to provide skin coolness are the ice cubes. Yes the ice cubes that we put in our glass and pour coke on them ( On the Rocks 😛 ). These ice cubes can be used to give skin an ice facial.
How to do an ice facial:
The method is very simple and not at all time consuming. Take some ice cubes and wrap it on a clean cloth or a paper towel. Rub these wrapped cube on your face for about three minutes and the facial is done. Seems very easy right :). Never rub the ice cubes directly on your skin as the excessive cooling tend to break the delicate blood vessels. When you are finishes with ice facial apply toner and then moisturized your skin.


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Benefits of ice cubes :

• Ice cubes helps to reduce acne and scars.
• It gives a relaxing and cooling feel to skin.
• It helps to minimize open pores.
• Helps to reduce puffy eyes.
• Reduces redness.
• It promotes the blood circulation on your face.
• It is a great anti aging facial as it helps to reduce wrinkles.
• Eyes usually get tiered working on laptop for a very long time, ice cubes relaxes the tiered eyes.
• Helps to reduce dark circles.
• Gives instant relief from sunburn.
• Gives a relief from pain after hair removal.
• If used before applying the makeup then the staying power of makeup increases.

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• Feeze  any fruit juice of your choice and then massage those ice cubes on your face. It will be more refreshing and also smells    amazing.
• Brew some green tea and then keep it in freezer. These ice cubes works great for tiered puffy eyes.
• I love to squeeze some tomato juice in a clean water and then freeze it, these tomato ice cubes works great as a toner.

So will you be trying an ice facial?

Have a nice cooling summers:).

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