Bio Care Foot Spa Cream Review


Bio Care Foot Spa Cream Review

Hello Girls

I really can’t live without a foot cream. It is a must have product in my skin care kit. My day starts with a foot cream and ends with it, this continuous usage has really helped to achieve soft and beautiful feet. I make sure when I bought foot cream it should be a new one and this time I bought this Bio Care Foot Spa Cream for myself. Let’s see what this cream did for me.




Price: Rs. 275 for 500 ml.

What the brand says?

Bio Care Foot Spa Cream with organic peppermint and shea butter and rich honey provide the basis for our vitamin enriched foot cream. Our invigorating cream energizes aching legs and feet while smoothing dry skin on tough soles and heels. Our environment credentials means that we had something bad to mother Nature and our policy of selecting only some of the purest and sustainable ingredient available is step one in this process.

My Experience with Bio Care Foot Spa Cream:

The cream comes in a plastic jar like packaging with a wide mouth. The packaging does not look good at all to me also the jar is too big which does not even makes it travel friendly. The cream is of slightly blue color similar to the color of that Nirma Powder which we use to wash clothes (every time I use it in presence of my brother he pokes me for the same, hehe). The fragrance is not very tempting to me but thank God it does not stay for a longer period of time. The consistency of this cream is neither too thick nor too runny.

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I use a small amount of cream for each feet to massage it well. It sinks in really quickly into the skin without leaving any greasiness behind. I don’t get any slippery feeling while walking after applying this cream. Small amount of cream is sufficient for both the feet. So after washing my feet every time during a day I apply small amount of this cream but at night before going to bed I take a generous amount for both my feet to moisturize them really well for the whole night. This cream has really worked well for me. It has really soften my feet skin very well. Every morning I wake up with soft and supple feet so I can conclude that the moisturizing effect of this cream is for a longer time.

Overall this is a really budget friendly foot cream which works really well for me.



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Good about Bio Care Foot Spa Cream:

  1. Makes skin soft and smooth.
  2. Moisturizes skin really well and for a longer period of time.
  3. Non Greasy formula
  4. Contains goodness of honey, Shea Butter and organic peppermint.

Bad about Bio Care Foot Spa Cream:

  1. Contains parabens
  2. The packaging is very bulky which does not make it travel friendly.
  3. I personally did not like the smell.

Will I recommend?

Yes, it can be a great option if you guys are looking for good foot cream.

My Rating: