Blogger Interview Series – Beauty Blogger Anamika


Here is another interview from the series of blogger interview. This time I have one of the very known face running a very successful blog along with five popular domains. Let me have an honour to introduce here.

Hey Anamika! Your blog doesn’t need any introduction as its one of the most popular on its Niche; still for new readers can you introduce yourself & your blog.

My name is Anamika Sureka. I started Wiseshe in Jan 2010 as a beauty and makeup blog. Wiseshe is now one of India’s biggest women’s website which has five popular domains running successfully with over 10,000 posts. Every month, hundreds of WiseShe writers publish more than 500 articles on Makeup, beauty products, baby products, weightloss, fashion and travel on different blogs.


On WiseShe parent site, you can find reviews for more than 100 brands.

What have inspired you to start your blog wiseshe? Is blogging the only thing you are doing right now?

One of my friend who is a very popular blogger in UPSC preparation inspired me. I joined him just to help him out and then later on he asked me to start my own blog.

Blogging has open many avenues for me. Right now we are also running a weight loss program with our team of dietitians. I have a partner Tarun in it. You can know about our programme here. With this we are also running two YouTube channel with my partner Zara. Link to the YouTube channels are as follows:

Beauty and makeup channel

Mom & Baby TV

In the beginning did you were sad when you didn’t have that much subscribers and like?

Yes! I was and who wouldn’t but then I knew one day it’s going to change.

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Which camera do you use to click pics, and for your Makeup pics do you click them by your own or someone else click them for you?

I Click my own pictures and make my own YouTube videos. It’s kind of a passion. I use Canon eod 70D.

Does a beauty blogger needs to be always dressed up when she goes out, what do you think?

No…I don’t think so that is necessary. If I am attending an event then I am going to dress up well rest all is all up to my mood.

What is your biggest blogging achievement? I would like my readers to know that you pay per content at your blog. Tell more about it. How you manage the fund for your writers through

Frankly speaking I don’t even know what’s my biggest blogging achievement is. I just go with the flow and I still feel I have a long way to go and find myself as a beginner.

Whatever we earn from advertising and affiliate marketing we keep a portion for content writers and this is how we manage it.

What is the biggest challenge you face while blogging? Are you the only person behind

Biggest challenge everyday is to think of doing something interesting which will bring back our readers.

It’s not possible for one person to handle such a big group alone. My husband has been there at the back supporting me. He manages most of the technical work and then I have a super awesome team who works with me with lot of commitment.

Can we know something about you which you have never shared with your readers? 🙂

Many times I have thought of sharing my whole day in a YouTube video. Like how I work and plan everything and manage my kids and big team of writers. I would like my readers to know how exactly life of a successful beauty blogger is.. May be in the coming days I will share it so you got to wait till then. 🙂

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Whose style inspires you the most? Can we know the names of your favorite blogs? Also, what’s your view on AdorableShe? 🙂

I don’t get time to check out most of the blogs .There was time when Indian blogging community was small and whole day I use to hop around on others blog. It was lot of fun and there was lot of mutual admiration for each other..Now among Indians I like Tanveer’s blog who is damn honest and straight forward and her post carry lot of meat. Rest all are doing the same stuff which doesn’t excite me anymore.

I now mostly follow foreign blogs. One of my favourite is

About Adorableshe look is nice and clean and I like the detail reviews. 🙂

Let’s wrap it up with your valuable advice for those who are reading this Interview?

Work hard, party harder and never give up!