Blogger Interview Series – Beauty Blogger Anubhuti


Hey girls this is going to be the third interview of this Blogger Interview Series that I had started. As you all are aware I have been publishing one interview every month of beauty bloggers across globe here at AdorableShe. This time we have Anubhuti from Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Hey Anubhuti! From a software engineer to a blogger– my readers would love to know more about you & your blog. Please introduce yourself. Also, let us know how long have you been blogging for?

Hi I’m Anubhuti Tiwari, person behind an indian makeup, beauty and style blog I have started my blog in April 14, 2014.

What inspired you to start a blog? Is blogging the only thing you are doing right now?And, how you got to know about AdorableShe? 🙂

I always wanted to blog about what I know about makeup, beauty, skin care, hair care and my styling ideas so finally after a long delay I decided to start my blog senseiteve.

I’m a software engineer by profession (by day) and I am managing and writing the blog (by night) all by myself along with it 🙂

I was visiting some blog and while commenting I saw a name “Nausheen” I really liked your name and that is when I clicked on it and landed on your blog 😛 and after visiting your blog I really liked your content and style of writing and today you are writing about me..yayyyyy 😀


In the beginning were you sad when you didn’t have that much subscribers and like?

Yes I was and I still get upset sometimes when I’m not able to post regularly and my hits and likes go down. 🙁

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What camera do you use to click pics, and for your Makeup pics do you click them by your own or someone else click them for you?

Now this may come as a shocker to many people but I use my “Google Nexus 4 Phone’s HD Camera” to click pictures and I click my own pictures of my makeup 🙂 for outfit post I nag my friends or beau to click pics for me. 😛

Does a beautyblogger needs to be always dressed up when she goes out, what do you think?

I don’t think so that a beauty blogger needs to be always dressed up when she goes out because I think it is about your personal style and comfort so you can wear what you want when you are going out because definitely you’ll be dressing your best for the outing. 🙂

What is your biggest blogging achievement?

When DW Asian marketer sent me a mail offering gift and proposing the idea of being one of the brand ambassadors in India. 😀 (I still think ambassador part was a joke :P)

What is the biggest challenge you face while blogging? Are you the only person behind

Biggest challenge I face while blogging is being regular on blog. I have so many pics in my phone and laptop waiting for their turn of review but along with hectic schedule sometimes it is difficult to stay up at night 🙂 Yes I am the sole person behind though sometimes I ask my beau for help if I face any problem with theme.

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Can we know something about you which you have never shared with your readers? 🙂

I don’t own even a single concealer 😛 (I have MUA prime and conceal but I use it as a primer) and I have never ever used makeup Primer yet. 😀

Whose style inspires you the most? Can we know the names of yourfavorite blogs?

I admire Angelina Jolie and DeepikaPadukone’s Style. I have so many blogs in my favorite list including yours and I can’t mentioned them all here but I’ll name a few blogs which I used to follow even when I was not a blogger 🙂 those are:

Let’s wrap it up with your valuable advice for those who are reading this Interview?

Be yourself, everybody is different. Dress to impress yourself and you will look you best 🙂

I hope you guys have enjoyed the interview with Anubhuti and, have learned from his blogging experience. I’ll come up with another exciting interview next month till then keep reading AdorableShe. 🙂