Blogger Interview Series – Beauty Blogger Shailja


Hey Shailja! From an Engineer to a blogger – my readers would love to know about you & your blog. Please introduce yourself. Also, let us know how long have you been blogging for?

I have always been a bright student when it came to academics, was among one of the toppers in B.Tech. Never did I know that I had such a strong inclination towards makeup and beauty but I do remember since I was kid I used to play with nail paints and lipsticks a lot. Even when I got placed in one of the top IT companies during my B.Tech campus placement my only focus was on the looks of a corporate chic. My friends used to laugh at me when I told them how I would dress up on my first day to office but now when I look back it all seems to make sense.

After a lot of comprehension and deep thinking I started ‘Be A Bride Everyday’ (BABE) in June 2013. I had my apprehensions as I did not know if I would be able to do justice to BABE.


What inspired you to start a blog? Is blogging the only thing you are doing right now?And, how you got to know about AdorableShe? 🙂

I always wanted to stay updated with latest happenings in beauty and fashion world. Since my marriage, I felt even more driven to this arena. After a lot of mulling, I decided to create a little space of my own in the huge blogosphere. So far I have cherished this journey, and I hope this would only go up in future.

As I am simultaneously working with an IT company so there are times when I need to stretch a lot to devote time to both the duties I am accountable for. But my enthusiasm for BABE keeps me smiling and moving ahead.

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I stumbled upon adorableshe via a fellow blog, and after only a couple of visits I felt a liking for your blog and connection with you.

In the beginningdid you were sad when you didn’t have that much subscribers and like?

Nopes, I never felt sad for less subscribers or likes as my only aim has been to just focus on the giving part. I tend to research a lot before putting together information so when I am publishing anything on the blog it does not only resolve reader’s problems but also enhances my knowledge. But definitely, I feel happy when somebody appreciates my work, or gives a loooong questionnaire for interview. 😉

What camera do you use to click pics, and for your Makeup pics do you click them by your own or someone else click them for you?

Most of the times my husband takes care of the photography part. He is passionate about photography so I try to makegood use of his passion. 🙂  When he is busy in other engagements then I have to click the photos on my own. We are using Canon DSLR for all the photographs that we put on the BABE.

Does a beautyblogger needs to be always dressed up when she goes out, what do you think?

No, I do not feel it that way. You won’t believe, sometimes I go to the marketin my favorite pajamas. 🙂

What is your biggest blogging achievement? I would like my readers to know that you pay per content at your blog. Tell more about it. How you manage the fund for your writers through

I feel my biggest achievement is that I have been able to do justice (in terms of time and quality) to BABE so far. I have a couple of writers who keep sharing their articles on BABE. Most of the time, I need to make the payment out of my own pocket. Occasionally, when I am fortunate enough I get to make the payments from AdSense income.

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What is the biggest challenge you face while blogging? Are you the only person behind

The biggest challenge for me is to manage time among job, family and BABE. I feel lucky that I have a supportive husband and BABE team. All of us work together to keep BABE flourishing.

Can we know something about you which you have never shared with your readers? 🙂

Had there been any such thing I would not have been able to hide it for so long. 🙂

Whose style inspires you the most? Can we know the names of yourfavorite blogs?

I love effortless styling sense of Anne Hathway and Priyanka Chopra. They both make fashion look easy and comfortable. For favorite blogs, IMBB,, HBM and eat-sleep-wear are some of my favorites.

Let’s wrap it up with your valuable advice for those who are reading this Interview?

In my opinion, the secret to beautiful skin is inner happiness. The day you will be happy from inside it will clearly reflect on your skin. I know it is difficult to lead a stress free life, but still you should do things that you love and enjoy the most. At least take out half an hour daily for yourself and do de-stressing activities such as Yoga. Finally, ‘Stay Happy, Stay Pretty’ – this is BABE’s core mantra. 🙂

I hope you guys have enjoyed the interview with Shailja and, have learned from his blogging experience. I’ll come up with another exciting interview next month till then keep reading AdorableShe. 🙂