Book Review: Diet Enlightenment The Real Secret To Weight Loss


Book Review: Diet Enlightenment by Rachel L. Pires Review

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The secret to weight loss would have never be easy unless Mr. Rachel L. Pires hadn’t written his book Diet Enlightenment – The Real Secret to Weight Loss.

‘Dieting’ is one of the most used/common term with girls, is it not? It brings lot of effort to start dieting, no wonder, I’m going through the same. Working on the same diet and avoiding lot of delicious food just to achieve good health or to weight loss – no one can imagine what pain we go through.

Anyway, I recently came across a book named Diet Enlightenment The Real Secret To Weight Loss by Rachel L. Pires. I totally loved this book. And, love bring sharing. Therefore this is going to be the first book review of AdorableShe lets find out my love for this book in this book review.

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About The Book – Diet Enlightenment

The book Diet Enlightenment is a modern approach to calorie counting that teaches readers how to get more bang for their calories and how to listen to their body. It explores all of the misconceptions and misinformation found in the multibillion-dollar dieting industry, and teaches readers exactly how to lose weight without giving up their favorite foods.


About The Writer: Rachel

Rachel L. Pires has graduated from Boston University. She is a writer, a weight loss advisor and a new mother. After years of personally struggling with weight loss and binge-eating, and then overcoming it and becoming an enlightened dieter, it is now her mission to help men and women discover how easy weight loss and maintenance can be with the right approach.

My Experience with The Book Diet Enlightenment

In this book Rachel tells us that dieting has to do nothing with keeping yourself hungry and staying away from the food you love but it is all about calories, calories and calories. I try to eat healthy but failed every time, this book told me that healthy eating does not guarantee weight loss and I was like whoa! Like really. But later on turning some pages I came to know that again it is all about calories, all healthy foods have different amount of calories and if we are eating a healthy food rich in calories then definitely it won’t help you in weight loss. This calories thing was totally new for me, now in healthy food also I started looking up that which one is low in calorie and which one is high.

rachel-diet-enlightenmentThis book focus so much of calories and teaches us that how easy it is to calculate the amount of calories we are taking in each day and the amount of calories you should take in. In this book Rachel has mentioned some online calculators which will help us to count the amount of calories that we should take in daily. It also motivate us for exercise as exercise help us to burn calories and if we burn calories then we get to eat some more. 🙂

This book also mention the online calculators to know our maintenance number and weight loss number and the amount of calories we burn during exercise. Now I have numbers for everything, now I know how much I have to eat and how much I have to exercise.

Overall I love that this book has given me a new way to lose my weight. It does not stops me from eating my favorite food but at the same time it also does not say that healthy eating is not good. It tells us the truth that all healthy food are not low in calories, even they can be a reason in our weight gain. We just have to have a watch on our calorie intake.

I am glad that I came across this book. I am surely going to stick to the calculators that this book has provided and will keep a watch on my calories instead of giving up on my favorite food.

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