Born Pretty Store Fairy Girl Lip Gloss in Shade 01


Born Pretty Store Fairy Girl Lip Gloss in Shade 01

Hello girls

If any of you girl happen to meet me anywhere you will notice me in pink lip glosses. I’m just too much fond to pink lip glosses; aren’t you? The craze has reached to this peak that wherever I find any pink lip gloss I happen to grab it. Therefor in order to show my love towards pink lip glosses I have today a review on Born Pretty Store Fairy Girl Lip Gloss in Shade 01.

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The packaging is really cute as you can see in the photos. It has a plastic twist up cap which has cute polka dot printed on it. The lower part which holds the product has a nice lace type print on it. So overall I find the packaging really good and chic like, the tube is so small that it can fit in your pocket very easily.

My Experience with Born Pretty Store Fairy Girl Lip Gloss in Shade 01

The time I got this product home I was so excited that I couldn’t waited anymore but have rushed in order to apply the gloss. 😀 The gloss seemed very creamy but the application was little but uneven, it also had that weird smell like some of those cough syrups have but the smell is not that over powering. The color it gave me in first application was very light so I layered it up to get a desired shade. The gloss gave me a cooling sensation on my lips as if I have applied mint on them but this sensation goes away as this creamy gloss dries out in just few seconds giving a nice matte finish. When it dries out it leaves behind a beautiful pink stain on lips, the stain is really pretty, and it gives a nice glow to your face. This lip gloss may not suit the girls with very dry lips because as it gives matte finish so it will accentuate the flakiness and dryness more easily so you need to exfoliate your lips and apply some lip balm before using this gloss. My lips are not that dry but I too apply some Vaseline on top of it to give some nourishment to my lips.

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Now what about the staying power, trust me friends this stain sits on my lips like forever. I was at home, it was noon time so I had my lunch had water and this stain was still there. After 4 hours I checked on mirror and it was still there so finally I had to use my lip makeup remover to remove it. It does not goes off easily with the makeup remover but I have to rub the cotton dipped in makeup remover quite a few times to remove the stain completely, so for the staying power Hats Off!

Swatch when the gloss was still wet.
Swatch when the gloss was still wet.
This picture was taken after 4 hours
This picture was taken after 4 hours

Let’s some up the pros and cons


  1. Very affordable.
  2. Gives beautiful light pink stain.
  3. Shade can be build up by layering the product.
  4. Does not dries out lips.
  5. Amazing staying power.


  1. Gives cooling sensation to lips which I don’t like.
  2. Have to rub a cotton damped with makeup remover to take it out completely.
  3. Tate like cough syrup.
  4. May accentuate flakiness and dryness of lips more easily.

Overall View

It’s a beautiful pink lip gloss which is not at all glossy instead it leaves a beautiful pink stain behind which stays forever and needs a makeup remover to remove it completely.

My Rating