Bourjoise Regard Effect Metallise – 52 Brun Inoxydable Mettalic Eyeliner


Bourjoise Regard Effect Metallise – 52 Brun Inoxydable Mettalic Eyeliner

Hello girls

Today I am going to review Mettalic eyeliner Brun Inoxydable from Bourjoise. I landed into this liner when I was looking for lakmeeyeconic brown kajal in the drug store but that was not available, at that time the SA suggested me some other brown shades liner and I could not resist myself from buying one. 😀 From all those liner that was suggested to me I picked up this eyeliner from Bourjoise. So here I come with yet another exciting review. 🙂

Price: 335 Rs. for 1.2gms.

Product Description:

Intense waterproof metallic eye pencils.  To create maximum impact at a party, dazzle everyone with a flash of metallic color on your eyes, with these waterproof metallic pencils. Whether you want to match your eye makeup to your new shiny dress, or make intense eye contact with the party guests, your eyes will not go unnoticed!

img_0172My experience with the product:

  • The shade is brown which has golden and brown shimmers in it. The shimmers transfers a little outside the line. I don’t like the shade very much, but that’s my personal opinion. I know many of you girls will love this shade. 🙂
  • The liner comes in a shapeable wooden pencil, every time I use it I have to sharpen it which leads to product wastage. The color of the pencil is same as the color of the liner which helps to recognize the shade easily.
  • The texture of liner is very creamy; it glides smoothly on my eyes like butter without tugging or pulling them.
  • The pigmentation is good, but not very good. The darker skin beauty may face a problem as this color will not show on their skin.
  • The staying power is too good, it does not smudge at all for 7 to 8 hours on my lids, but if it is rubbed with fingers it smudge completely leaving shimmers behind.
  • Gets removed easily with a makeup remover.
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img_0174Overall verdict:

I am not a big fan of liners with shimmers in it, still I picked this up, God knows why. 😀 But it’s a nice brown shade, which will be loved by many. This shade is not for the dark skin beauties as this will wash them out and the color will not be visible on their skin. It is smooth and glides on eyes easily without tugging and also get removed easily with a help of makeup remover.

My Rating:

3/5. Let me know your views through comment on Mettalic eyeliner Brun Inoxydable from Bourjoise?