Does Henna (Mehendi) Makes Your Hair Dry?


Hello friends

I have been not around here for last couple of days. Many of you have shown the concern over social media which really have made me emotional. It really do feel great to have interaction with you all here on AdorableShe. Did you know AdorableShe was started with no such intension that one day I’ll be working on with lot of passion, it was started with no such objectives, anyway! The problem I had with my laptop is now been resolved I no more feel to kill myself. 🙂

And so is my work for AdorableShe. I am back now with a simple-little tiny-teeny tip for you all. The love for henna is on its peak. I love to apply henna on my hairs, whether it is to hide white hairs or just to nourish hairs. But guys henna really dries out my hair. I know the same is happening with you all? Do you know we can really do something that can make it go easy on our hairs? Simply by nourishing and moisturizing henna paste. Do you know how? It’s so simple just mix the quantity of henna you require for your hair with whole milk instead of water, whip it well and keep it for 4 to 5 hours and Tada! Your moisturizing henna paste is ready. Apply this paste on your hairs!





Tip: Now if you are just applying this paste for nourishing your hair then apply it for 40-45 minutes. For the purpose of coloring this paste should be applied at-least for 3 to 4 hours.

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So this was it guys. I hope you will like this simple tip. If you try it out then please share your experience with me, I would love to hear you on comments. 🙂


Love you all 🙂