Fab Bag Review January 2016 – Beauty Resolution


Fab Bag Review January 2016 – Beauty Resolution

So finally, the first Fab Bag of the year 2016 is here. I already saw the pictures of the bag on Fab Bag website and was quite excited for it. This month bag looks so cute, it is an adorable cream color pouch with all makeup products pictures printed on it. It is so different from the regular Fab Bags and that’s the reason I love the bag.

New Year is all about resolutions so this month’s fab bag theme is “Beauty Resolutions”. This month Fab Bag is introducing a new brand named Natural Bath and Body.

Fab-Bag-Review-January-2016- Beauty-Resolution

Fab-Bag-Review-January-2016- Beauty-Resolution

What I got this month?

  1. Votre Face Serum (Full Size: Rs. 1670/- for 12ml)
  2. Natural Bath & Body – Clay Mask ( Rs. 450/- for 100ml) & Whipped Cream (Rs. 275/- for 50ml)
  3. B: Blunt Spotlight Hair Polish (Rs. 550/- for 150ml)
  4. NYX Auto Eye Pencil – Sapphire (Full Size: Rs. 275/-)

Fab-Bag-Review-January-2016- Beauty-Resolution

Fab-Bag-Review-January-2016- Beauty-Resolution

Fab-Bag-Review-January-2016- Beauty-Resolution

Let’s check out the product:

  1. Votre Face Serum (Full Size: Rs.1670/- for 12ml)


Fab Bag introduced me to Just Herbs facial serum in there September 2015 Fab Bag, I loved that serum and  it did wonders for my skin. Now, again I received this Votre Face Serum in my January Fab Bag. I am really excited to try this one out. Votre Face Serum is enriched with virgin cold-pressed oil and herbal blend, it claims to reduce fine lines and make skin younger looking. I got the full-size pack in the bag which is just 12ml and it cost Rs. 1670 which is quite too expensive.

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  1. Natural Bath & Body – Clay Mask (sample size: 20gm)



I got the small sample size of this clay mask. Mostly I rely on my homemade face mask but still whenever I get any mask in my fab bag I always give it a try. This Natural Clay Mask is a perfect blend of rose oil and virgin coconut oil it claims to give flawless skin which we all wish for. The description of the mask says that it is best suitable for normal to oily skin people and my skin is way too dry. I don’t understand that why Fab Bag has sent me this product when it will not suit my skin.

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  1. Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream (Sample size: 15gm)

Natura- Bath-&-Body-Whipped-Cream

Natura- Bath-&-Body-Whipped-Cream

The second product from Natural Bath and Body is this whipped Cream. Now this cream is again for oily skin people. Fab Bag always send products according to the type of customers skin but this time, they have sent me two products which I won’t be able to use.

Anyways, this cream is really very light weight perfect for oily skin, it has a very mild fragrance. It is loaded with Vitamin E, Argon oil and Avocado oil which helps to keep skin smooth and soft.

4. B: Blunt Spotlight Hair Polish (Sample size: 30ml)

B: Blunt-Spotlight-Hair-Polish

I have heard a lot about this spray but never got a chance to use it. I got the small sample size of 30ml which cost Rs. 250 in January Fab Bag. I am already excited to try this out. It says that this spray is made especially for Indian hair and weather. It claims to give the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. Let’s see what it will do for my dull and frizzy hair.

  1. NYX Auto Eye Pencil (Full size: Rs. 275/-)
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Like every month, this month also Fab Bag gave a choice to select a product from a list of product for your own Fab Bag and, this time, I selected this NYX Auto Eye Pencil in shade Sapphire. It is a gorgeous blue shade and blue is one of my favorite eyeshadow or eyeliner color. I know I am going to use this pencil a lot.

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Overall January 2016 Fab Bag is a good deal. I just wish that the scrub and the whipped cream that I got would have been for dry skin instead of oily.

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January 2016 Fab Bag Review- Beauty Resolution (VIDEO)

  • You got nice products…too bad that facemask is of not use for you..but i guess the cream you’ll like as it has avocado oil and vitamin E which are hydrating agents… give it a try who knows it might work for you smile emoticon i m waiting for my bag restlessly..

    • Yeah! I am thinking the same but waiting for summers because right now my skin is even drier.

  • This time bag seems to be good 🙂

    • I loved the bag,itlook so cute 🙂

  • The clay mask is looking so tempting. Would like to read the review of it. Great contents

    • Yeah it looks really tempting, will try to review it dear 🙂

  • Great goodies. The eyeliner looks really pretty.

    • Yeah! the shade of the liner is really pretty.

  • My bag just arrived. So excited to see the contents.

    • You will love them Sangeeta 🙂

  • I also loved the Bblunt hair polish, so excited t give it a try 🙂

  • Yeah! loved the January Fab Bag, You should not miss it out 🙂

  • Aww! thankyou so much for appreciation dear 🙂