Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Hey beauties

Today I am going to review a Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from forest essentials.

What Do Cold Pressed Means?

Cold pressing means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn’t damage essential fatty acids. Impressive right? 😉

So, this coconut oil claims that it is extracted by crushing sun-dried coconuts by the old fashioned cold pressed method which makes it light and gives it a delicate flavor.



Oil should be warm and has to be applied directly on the scalp, massage it on your scalp in all possible way, along with the length of the hair till the root. Later, wrap your hairs with a hot towel and, leave it for an hour. Later, shampoo & rinse it, as usual.

Also, this oil can also be used for cooking – that should be known to you as well.


Rs. 695 for 200ml

Shelf life:

24 months from the date of manufacture. But the outer box also says that use the oil within 6 months from opening. So be careful with the life of this product.


This oil comes in a transparent bottle wearing a golden cap over it. Top contains a typical forest essential packaging (goes as per the name of the product). And, seriously, it’s a quite a tough job to take out the oil during the winter season as it freezes completely, remember the old-grandma coconut oil?



My take on this product:

I used this oil for different purposes and trust me I had amazing results.

As a skin moisturizer:

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. I have used it right after taking a bath to lock down the moisture and it works amazingly – it makes my skin soft.

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As hair oil:

As I mentioned earlier I always apply warm oil, and so, I take this Forest Essential Coconut Oil warm it up and, apply on my hair with a good massage from roots to the tip. Then wait for two hours, before I wash to give my hairs soft and shiny look.

 As cooking oil:

Coconut oil is a great substitute of butter and oil. As forest essential coconut oil is a pure form of it, also it claims that it can be used for cooking purposes. I cook food using forest essential coconut oil and, it makes my food very delicious by leaving a slight coconut flavor.


Let’s sum up the pros and cons:


  1. It’s an amazing multipurpose oil.
  2. Makes hair soft and shiny.
  3. Can be used as a skin moisturizer.
  4. As it is a pure form of coconut oil it can also be used for cooking purpose.


  1. Its price is slightly high.
  2. Difficult to take it out from a bottle during winters as the oil freezes out. You can figure it out in the pictures as I have taken them back in a chilling winter season.

My rating:

4 out of 5, one mark deducted for the price and yeah for the packaging (it matters).