Homemade Grape and Papaya Face Pack for Dry Skin


Homemade Grape and Papaya Face Pack for Dry Skin

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Today, I have something on homemade face pack – if you are reading this blog since very beginning you know how much I’m interested in homemade face pack. I have written few articles on the same. I love using homemade face pack which can be made easily with the ingredients which are easily available; I always try to make a new face pack. And this time I am going to share my grape and papaya face pack with you all, this face pack works amazingly for dry skin beauties.

Ingredients you will need

1. Two table spoon of grapes puree.
2. Pulp of papaya.
3. One table spoon of honey.







Mix all the ingredients and apply it on face and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. You will get the healthy glowing skin as all these fruits have lots of beauty benefits.
Let’s have a look at the beauty benefits of above ingredients

Beauty benefits of grape

Grapes belong to the berry family. They are considered the best food for overall skin care. Grapes are very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C which is a natural skin cleaner. Grapes also contain flavinoids which are antioxidants so they remove all the toxins and free radical from the skin.

Beauty benefits of papaya:

Papaya is rich in vitamin A and papain which is an enzyme and these two things in papaya helps to remove the dead cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating the skin. Papaya hydrates the skin and reduces the blemishes and acne. It gives a nice glow to skin.

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Beauty benefits of honey:

Honey is the ingredient which is normally used in all the face packs as it has loads of beauty benefits. Honey is a natural antibacterial so it prevents acne. It is a best ingredient to moisturize dry skin. It is a great antioxidant. Thus it slows down the aging process.


I love using this face pack; it is so soothing and relaxing, after rinsing off this face pack my skin feels so healthy and refreshed. I prepare this face pack and store it in refrigerator for 3 days after that a fresh pack is needed. Do try this face pack and share your results, I would love to know your experience in comment.

Love and Hugs 🙂