A Horror Story of Fab Bag by a Loyal Shopper


A Horror Story of Fab Bag by a Loyal Shopper



Hello girls

Online shopping these days is so much fun. From our beauty product to makeup and skin care, everything we buy is most of the time online.

I personally do a lot of online shopping because I live in Kanpur and let’s get real, more than half of the brands are not available here.

Online shopping gives me more options to select and when the genuine product is received on doorstep nothing is better than that.

I am connected with fabbag.com for past one year now, and have been reviewing their bags on this blog. I loved their service, loved their bag, and loved the way they include exciting new products in the bag, but recently something bad happened and my trust on the fab bag has completely broken.

It was my first shopping experience with the fab bag. And believe me, it SUCKED.

So I really want to share it with you lovelies because I don’t want you to suffer.

First Shopping Experience from Fabbag.com:

It’s been more than a month now and my problem is still not been solved.

Let’s get into real. Here I start my story, more than a month ago exactly on [27-March-2016] I ordered Ayorma Mild Daily Scrub worth Rs.299 and Ayorma Under Eye cream worth Rs.349 from the fabbag.com.

I was excited that within few days I will receive my eye products and will start using both of them together. The order was of Rs.648. It took more than a week for it to reach me, and when the delivery boy came he said that your order is COD (cash on delivery) type, for that you have to pay Rs.799.

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I got confused as I did not remember what I have ordered and of what quantity as I keep ordering from different sites which get delivered to my doorstep almost every day. 😉

My internet at that moment was not working so I wasn’t able to check whether the order was prepaid or COD. So trusting fab bag I gave Rs.799 to the delivery boy.

The shock was when I had opened the package, the products were there, Under Eye Cream was fine, but the scrub was expired.

Later, when I checked, to my disaster the order was prepaid, means I have been fooled to pay twice for the same order.

And this doesn’t end here. It begins and become worst when I started having conversation with their customer care.

Fab Bag Customer Care:

The customer care picked up the phone, the girl asked for the problem. I told her everything, she asked for 10 minutes to collect information on the case and hung the damn phone.

I waited. And waited. And waited DDD DDD. But she never called me back.

Next day, out of my frustration I called again explained her everything, and again she asked me for the same 10 minutes time but this time, I refused by saying to solve my problem right away.

So, the girl asked me to email the pictures of the expired product I have received, I agreed. She said that they won’t be able to refund me Rs.799 instead they will refund me Rs.648 and rest they will give me as a gift voucher so I can use it to buy anything on their site (as if this lesson for me was  not enough, still I agreed).

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I have emailed them the pictures and waited… and waited… and waited ddd did, nothing happened.

No money was refunded to my account.

I called them again, and guess what to my luck it was Saturday, their customer panel does not work on the weekend. Well, that’s very much ok to me because we all need rest after working our ass out to solve customer’s problem haha.

I called them on Monday, reminded them everything from beginning. Asked them for my money, asked them for my product, asked them to reply to my emails, I was pissed off by now. I wanted to shout on the customer care representative but didn’t, I controlled.

Days passed, I called one day to know the status to which I have been informed that I will receive a new product within a week.

I waited again, a month passed, all I’m doing is wait and to dial a call to be a story teller again & again haha, this was happening to me for the very first time. Finally, I received the new product. I opened the package, again, and guess what, can you guess?

Let me tell you, the Ayorma Eye Scrub I got in place of the expired scrub one I received earlier was again the expired one hahaha.

How can they do that?

I called the customer care, told her the story and she was confused, she didn’t have an answer. She asked for time, I gave her and I waited… waited…

If I’ll keep telling you on how much I have waited for, this post will never end. But this is my story that I want to share. It should be trending on Facebook tomorrow! Lol

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Let me jump to today’s date [31-May-2016], because that matter has still not been solved. They took more than a month to refund money. I got Rs.648 in the bank account, I received credit note of Rs.150 which I will be able to use on their site.

However, I will think thousand times before investing in any more product after such an experience. They have asked me twice for the expired product pictures and are still asking me to wait.

They have asked me that whether I would like to get the money back or would like to get a new Ayorma Eye Scrub. I begged for the refund, I don’t want any scrub. I am still waiting for their reply… I hope my wait ends soon. I am on an edge of crying while writing this, I have never had such bad experience anytime in doing online shopping.

Here are the pics of both the expired scrubs I received. There manufacturing is of April 2014 and it says to use it before 24 months.



Overall: To fab bag

Dear Fab bag, mistakes happen with everyone. But is it not better to solve the problem of the customer within a day or two?

Will it not work if you invest time to listen to your customer, reply to their emails and call?

Please don’t wait to test the patience of your loyal customers. Do not let us shout for a refund and genuine products, let your customer be your friend.

I am glad that I am a blogger, and can share my experience with so many people, think of those who cannot share their experience with anyone.

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  • Anamika Chattopadhyaya

    My gosh!! Such unprofessional attitude. Thanks Nausheen for sharing your experience with us.

    • Welcome Anamika. I had to share it dear 🙂

  • This not right thing they have done highly unprofessional behaviour 🙁

    • This was a lesson to me. In future will never buy anything from ther.

  • megha saraf

    Ohhh its such a shame that a popular brand is showing unprofessional-ism! I bought a hair spray from them long back but was happy with my purchase! i hope your problem gets solved soon!

    • This is the problem. It is such a popular brand and then too such behaviour. This was soo irritating.

  • That is really bad, I am a loyal customer of Fab bag too and never faced this. Although I don’t understand why this happened to you as a loyal customer.


    • I am glad it didn’t happen with you and hope it never does. But my experience was really bad, I am never going to buy anything from them now.

  • This is so unprofessional and such a bad attitude towards customers, I have read some bitter experiences of people with fabbag online, this is such an unnecessary stress that they have created for you

    • The stress continues dear. Still have to get my 300 bucks from them. I just dont feel like calling them now 🙁

  • I am also a loyal shopper at Fabbag and one incidence happened with me when i did not get eyeshadow quad in my Fabbag which was in everyone’s bag when i wrote them they gave lame excuse that we have included product of your choice and blah blah…customer care was rude…other tahn this one incidence i have not faced any issue…
    Oh and one note delivery boys are doing this scam these days…one of my prepaid eBay order came 2 days back and he asked my husband monry saying it is COD…since my hubby knows i always place prepaid orders he called me up ,and then scolded the courier guy then he admitted saying “sorry sir it is prepaid, i sawthe wrong one from list” so beware…

    • Thanks for the information Anu, but in my case, it was not the delivery boy who was trying to fool me. The package itself has written on t “Order Type- COD”. So I was fooled by fabbag.

  • Wow this is awful i am sorry you went through this. I love online shopping and I would not support a company that acted so unprofessional.

    • Yeah! I am never going to buy anything from this site now.

  • I think so because some of my friends have complained that the products they receive in their Fab bag are most of the time damaged.

  • Your welcome dear. The only reason I shared is because I don’t want anyone to suffer the same.

  • I really didn’t want to do anything bad for the brand’s reputation, but it was more than enough. I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Guess what now they are calling me, and are apologising for what they have done.

  • I really didn’t want to do anything bad for the brand’s reputation, but it was more than enough. I couldn’t take it anymore.
    Guess what now they are calling me, and are apologising for what they have done.

  • This is awful and disappointing

    • I know. Hope it never happens with anyone.

  • that is really bad on fabbag’s part..A good cutomer service is always appreciated and doesnt cause any harm.I wonder why the basic problem solving etiquette are not being delivered by people who handle it

    • I know Purva. This was never expected from Fab Bag.

  • Madhubani

    This is outrageous.. So unprofessional..

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