Jovees Foot Cream and Scrub Review


Jovees Foot Cream and Scrub Review

Hey girls

Hope you all are doing well, Today I am going to review a unique 2 in 1 formula from Jovees and it is really unique as it has both cream and scrub together, so now you don’t have to waste your extra time to scrub and then apply moisturizer, you can do that together, cool na! It’s an excellent idea for lazy girls like me. 😀

So let’s see that does this 2 in 1 formula works or not.


What Jovees Foot Cream claims

A cream cum scrub formulation easily absorbed into the skin, shall help in the healing of the problems of even the driest and roughest feet. This unique product that shall rejuvenate and revitalize damaged skin to give your feet a smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance. A daily use product for your beautiful feet.

Method of use:

Take sufficient quantity of cream cum scrub from the tube and massage into heels and soles of the feet in a circular motion till absorbed. Leave on.


Rs. 85 for 60g

Active Ingredients:

Jojoba seed nuts, Sesame, Kokum Butter, Geranium Oil, Lemon grass oil, Rosemary Extract.


My experience Jovees Foot Cream

This cream cum scrub formula comes in a white tube packaging with a flip open cap; the packaging is very travel friendly and easy to use. The cream is of pale pink color with dark pink particles in it, it has a very mild floral smell which is not at all over powering. The consistency of the cream is quite thick and the particles are not coarse so massaging cream for few minutes to make it get absorbed is not a problem. The only problem I face is that the particles do not dissolve and they remain as it is after massaging. So I need to wipe them off with a clean cloth or towel.

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I love this unique formula these days, it moisturizes my not so dry feet’s very well, I love the way how it also exfoliate at the same time. I apply this cream at night before going to bed and in the morning I woke up with soft and well moisturized feet’s. This cream is working great for me and I am highly impressed with it, but I think that the girls with very dry feet’s will need to wait for a long time to see the results of this product.


Let’s some up the pros and cons:


  1. Does what it claims.
  2. Moisturize and exfoliate at the very same time, impressive idea.
  3. Hygienic and travel friendly packaging.
  4. Made my feet soft and smooth.
  5. Does not leave any greasiness behind.


  1. The exfoliating particles does not melt, they need to be wiped off with towel.
  2. May not work for very dry feet’s.

Will I recommend t?

Yes, I will highly recommend it. I am going to buy the second tube for sure.

My Rating:

4 /5