Just Herbs Lip Contour Balm Mango-Marigold Review


Just Herbs Lip Contour Balm Mango-Marigold Review

Hello ladies

Can you name a single girl to me who can live without a lip balm?

Well, I can’t.

Yeah! But my mom can live without it, I don’t know how. She keeps asking me that why I buy so many lip balms. Why I keep applying them all day long. And I get tired to reply the same answer every day, every time.

I think she has got naturally moisturized lips as a gift by god. She has saved a big amount of money which I spent in buying lip balms. Something serious to think about it, Right? 😛

So here I am with my addiction, one more lip balm review.

The balm which I recently got in my February Fab Bag 2016. Lip balm filled with all natural product, which claims to be free from parabens and mineral oils. Let’s hear some more about it.

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Price: Rs345/- for 8gm.



My Experience with Just Herbs Lip Contour Balm Mango-Marigold

The lip balm comes in a small tub packaging. The balm looks ivory in the tub but it is not a tinted lip balm. It comes clear on lips like some petroleum gel.

The smell of the lip balm is really sweet, it smells like mango candy which I love. The consistency of the balm is very thin, as soon as it comes in contact with skin it melts and become very thin.

Staying power is the biggest con of this lip balm, it does not even stay for half hour on my lips.

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On application, it makes such a thin layer on my dry and chapped lips that they do not feel moisturized at all. It didn’t cure the flakiness that I was having. My lips are still dry and chapped.

I am a bit disappointed with this product.



Good: Just Herbs Lip Contour Balm Mango-Marigold

  1. All natural ingredient list.
  2. Smells good.

Bad: Just Herbs Lip Contour Balm Mango-Marigold

  1. Does not cured the flakiness on my lips.
  2. Dint moisturized my lips at all.
  3. Reapplication is needed in every 15-20 minutes.

My Rating:


Will I recommend it?

No, Never.