Khadi Jasmine Green Tea Foot Crack Cream Review


Khadi Jasmine Green tea Foot Crack Cream Review

I have tried many khadi products and always loved them. They work well and are also affordable. This time, I have come up with the khadi Jasmine Green Tea Foot Crack cream. I am done with the whole tub of this cream and ready to share my views now.

Foot creams are something very essential for me. I love taking care of my feet’s and trust me it makes a huge difference. Anyone who is still not taking care of feet, start doing it now and mark my word you will never turn back.

Price: Rs.140

Quantity: 50gms.



My Experience with Khadi Jasmine Green tea Foot Crack Cream

The cream comes in a regular boring khadi packaging, with a tub and a black cap, Nothing special about it. Khadi seriously needs to work on their packaging style, it so so boring. Coming back to the cream, the texture is towards the thin side and it is an oil base cream. I take a pea size of this cream on my hands and massage it on my feet,  it does not get completely absorbed instead it leaves a really thin film of oil behind  which is something we all hate, Right? The cream has a nice jasmine fragrance which helps to freshen up my feet and make them smell good but not for too long as the fragrance is not long lasting.

I always want my foot cream to be thick and really moisturizing but this khadi Jasmine Green Tea foot Crack cream does not fulfill those requirements. It does not moisturize my feet well (like the way I Want). I don’t have any cracks but still I think that it will not be able to cure them.

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Overall, it is just an ok product for me. Nothing too special. Girls with cracked and very dry feet should skip this out and the girls with already maintained feet can go for it.



Pros: Khadi Jasmine Green tea Foot Crack Cream

  1. Affordable.
  2. lovely jasmine fragrance.
  3. can be used by girls who already have maintained feet.

Cons: Khadi Jasmine Green tea Foot Crack Cream

  1. does not moisturise feet well.
  2. won’t be able to heal the cracks.
  3. can not be used on very dry feet.

Will I recommend it?

Yes to those with maintained feet. Girls with very dry feet should skip it.

My Rating: 


  • Anamika Chattopadhyaya

    Nice detailed review Nausheen 🙂 I wouldn’t purchase it then, I want my foot cream to moisturize well my feet!

    • Thanks dear. I am glad the review helped you 🙂

  • megha saraf

    It looks great to take care of your feet on a daily basis!

    • Yeah, it can work if you already have well maintained feet 🙂

  • I will skip it as I have cracks 🙁

    • I am also not gonna buy this again.

  • Nice review hun. I have dry feet so I might pass.

  • Madhubani

    I have really dry feet. So a no no for me.. Thanks for sharing the review..

  • Ritcha Rao

    I highly appreciate using and promoting khadi products!! Beautiful review <3

    • So you like them as well 🙂