Lakme Sheer Satin Gloss in Shade 11 Review


Lakme Sheer Satin Gloss in Shade 11 Review

Hello readers

Today I am going to review a lip gloss from Lakme Sheer Satin lip gloss range in shade number 11.

adorableshePrice: 325Rs. For 3.75ml.

Shelf Life: 24 months.

My Experience with Lakme Sheer Satin Gloss 11:


I love the packaging. It is quite stylish with a golden twist cap. The upper part of the cap is slanting and it has a mirror fixed on it. If you are travelling and you don’t have a mirror then this small mirror can help you to check your lips after applying the gloss. When the cap is opened a long stick is attached to it with a cushion applicator.

Shade and Nature:

It’s a nice mauve pink shade perfect for daily wear during the day time. It has very minute shimmers in it, but the shimmers are not too strong and do not hide the real color of the gloss. The applicator picks up the correct amount of gloss on it and the gloss spreads very evenly on lips. It stays on my lips just for an hour.


It smells like bubble gum which I really don’t like.





adorableshe5Let’s sum up the pros and cons:


  1. Nice mauve pink shade.
  2. Have minute shimmers which are not too strong.
  3. Attractive packaging.


  1. Bubble gum smell which I don’t like.
  2. Bad staying power.

Will I recommend it?

It is a nice lip gloss for day time. It can also be worn by college going girls.

My rating:

3.9/5, what’s your view on Lakme Sheer Satin Gloss share it on comments below.

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