Liebster Award Nomination: Adorable She


Liebster Award Nomination 

Hello everyone

Firstly I would like to thanks Shailja from Be A Bride Everyday for nominating my blog AdorableShe for Liebster Award. I take it as a pleasure. As I am really new in this blogging world so I take this as an opportunity to share my personal views with my reader. Shailja has created some great questions and it was fun answering them, I have shared a real side of mine in these question, hope you will like it :).

1) Are you a full time blogger or indulged in other occupation as well?
Ans: I was school teacher for 5 months but I left my job a month back. Right now, I am a full time blogger and, I love this. Now I am getting enough time to put some extra efforts on my blog and its really growing. 🙂

2) What is your daily makeup routine?
Ans: Every day I don’t wear a heavy makeup, I just prefer kohl, some lipstick or a lip-gloss (I prefer bright shades) and some compact powder. Some times when I go out to visit my friends I love to wear black or brown smokey eye makeup and I love when they ask that how I have created this eye look, it is looking very pretty. I just love when they appreciate my work. Hope they will not stop doing that after reading this. 😛

3) What is your favorite makeup product?
Ans: I love lippies. Love buying them wearing them. I want to have all shades that are available in market. 😀 I cannot leave my house without colored lips. 😀

4) What is your favorite day of the week, and why?
Ans: When I was an office going girl it was Sunday, I loved Sunday at that time because I was able to sleep for as long as I wanted. Then, when the big Boss season 8 started it was Saturday and Sunday which became my favorite days of the week because I was able to watch my hero Salman on his show (mai to superman, Salman ka fan :D). Now Salman has left the show hence there is no favorite day, all the days are same to me.

5) What camera do you use to click product photographs?
Its canon-CR1220. I’m not into photography this much, it’s my brothers camera he left it home when he purchased a new one and, as his passion is photography I know how to capture products photo. That’s it!

6) How do you like to spend your leisure time? Is it shopping, reading, and watching movie or something else?
Ans: I love to read novels in my leisure time and I also love to watch American TV series on my laptop, these days I am watching Vampire Diaries.

7) What becomes your source of motivation when things do not go as planned?
Ans: My source of motivation is Allah (God) He will always be there for me no matter what goes wrong He will show me the right path, complete trust on my lord makes me strong and, I know that the things will fall in place sooner or later. This thinking makes me really strong!

8)  What would be an ideal date for you? 
Ans: Aaaaah! I am waiting for that date, it will be when I will meet him, and by him I mean my Mr. Right. I am waiting for him and hope soon I will come to know that who will be my Mr. Right.

9) And, how would you dress yourself up for your first ever date? In case you have already had this date then please share what you wore, your makeup, hairdo?
Ans: As I said above that my ideal date would be when I will meet my Mr. Right. So just for the meeting I would like to be casual. I would love to wear some jeans with kurti, or long Pakistani suit with open hair. Hope our meeting will be planned and it will not be sudden, I don’t want to look like total mess in our first meeting. 😀

10) Everybody keeps chanting “Change is always good”, do you believe in this or have any modified version of yours?
Ans: I don’t believe in this, I think change is good only the time you like it and accepting the change that is coming into your life, Some times change can be worse too and, you can’t predict!

11) What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?
Ans: I shout from my bed “mom kidhar ho (Mom, where are you). 😀 Then I have a full glass of warm water mixed with one spoon honey in it, I am having this habit of taking honey with water for last 3 years now.

My Liebster Award Nomination list

Arzoo from Beauty and Makeup Love
Gowthami from Beauty Frontline
Heena from Vanity Case Box
Nisha from The Pink Trends
Rakhi from Indian Beauty Hub
Laarni from XoXo Laarni

My questions for you: 

  1. Why did you decide to do blogging?
  2. How did you choose your blog title (story behind it)?
  3. What is MUST HAVE beauty or fashion item for you?
  4. One thing that your blogger friends don’t know about you?
  5. Do you collect makeup, or just buy what you need?
  6. Do you wear a same style everyday or do you change it regularly?
  7. Do you know cooking, what is the best dish that you have cooked ever?
  8. What qualities you would like to have in your life partner?
  9. Do you follow the CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) routine every day both in the morning and at night?
  10. You have any pet name, if yes then what it is?

Please read the FAQs if you are not aware of Liebster Award

1) What is Liebster award?
Ans: This is an online award which is given from to bloggers by other bloggers.

2) What are the rules of Liebster award?
Ans: a) Answer the question your nominator has asked.
b) Create your own nominee list
c) Prepare a set of questionnaire for your nominees.
d) Leave a comment on nominee’s blog, and inform him/her about the nomination.

3) What is expected from Liebster award nominees?
Ans: As said above, the nominees are expected to answer the questions raised by nominator. Create their own nomination list (newbie blogger), and ask their own set of 10-11 questions. The chain goes on.

I have copied the FAQs from Shailja as she has nominated me for this award. If you want to know more about Liebster Awards please read Lorraine blog

Liebster Award Nomination Adorable She