L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream Review


L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream For Age 20 +

Hey girls

Today I come up with the cream which almost everyone is trying these days or everyone want to give it a try. I was in that category too, wanted to try the cream as soon as it was launched. I too went to market and picked this up, but sadly after buying it I came to know that this cream comes in a smaller pack too. Well that would have been ok if this cream did something good to me, but it didn’t worked for me at all..

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Price: Rs. 325 for 50g.

Shelf life: 36 month from mfg. date

What the product claims?


My experience with L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream:

Packaging: The cream comes in a glass jar with a screw lid on top of it. The jar is itself so heavy. I think it weight more than the cream and can break too, So it is very inconvenient to carry this cream while travelling.  The smaller size of the cream comes in a tube packaging which cost just Rs.99 which is so reasonable and travel friendly too.


Texture, consistency and smell: The cream is of very light pinkish color, it has a nice fruity smell which is strong and I love it personally but if you are the person who don’t like strong smell then close your nose before applying this :D. The consistency of the cream is neither too runny nor too thick, but you have to work quickly with it otherwise blending it can be a pain (trust me girls it is a pain) so just apply some dots and blend quickly. This creams leaves behind the whitish cast on face and if you are applying it in large quantity then you are definitely going to look like a ghost. Guess what this whitish cast doesn’t disappear with time, it just stays like that until you wash your face to remove it.

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Does it work? : This cream makes many heavy claims which will attract you to give it a try. It claims to give glowing and shine free skin. It makes skin feel fresh, makes it fairer and tone it evenly. It also says that with a regular use imperfections are reduced and skin quality is improved.

So after all those claims which I loved reading and while reading I imagined that this going to give me a flawless skin like Aishwarya Rai (yeah I sometime imagine that: D ) I started using this cream and what I got is a whitish cast and it made me look like a zombee. At that moment I started using it in a very small amount but still the whitish cast was there. The only difference was that the whitish cast was not that much visible and I was saved from the zombie look. :D. This cream does provide some kind of glow which I loved. It made my dry skin look even more drier . I started getting some dry patches on my skin. My skin felt stretched out all the time as this creams gives a matte finish without giving any moisturizer to my skin.

I was not able to use it on regular basis as it was drying my skin like anything. So I started using it on top of my moisturizer. This is the only way I found to use this cream. I love the slight glow it gives but haven’t noticed any drastic change on my skin and for sure I have not turned into Aishwarya Rai :D.

Suited for: Generally I don’t do the ‘suited for’ section in my post but this product needed it. This cream will not suit at all to the dry skin beauties. It will make your skin even more drier so just skip this product. Girls with oily skin or combination skin can give this a try. It mattifies the skin, controls the oil like no one’s bussiness and will definitely add a glow to your skin.

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Good things about L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream for Age 20+:

  • Mattifies skin.
  • Gives a slight glow to skin.
  • Not at all greasy.
  • Has spf 21.
  • Has nice fruity fragrance.

Bad things about L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfection Whitening Cream for Age 20+:

  • Leaves behind a white cast.
  • Not moisturizing enough for dry and normal skin.
  • Gives white patch on skin if not blended quickly.

My rating:

2/5 this is my rating as I have dry skin, but I am sure girls with oily skin will love this cream and will rate it more than 2.

Will I recommend?

Yes to the oily skin beauties, but girls with dry skin should stay away from this product.