My Love for Tomatoes


My Love for Tomatoes

Hello dolls

In this short post I’ll tell you guys my love for tomatoes.

It’s not like I have just started using tomatoes I have been using it for very long time. Almost 7 to 8 months now. It is so easy to use that even a laziest person on this planet can use tomato as a beauty product. 😀

TomatoesSome time back I was so irritated with my blackheads. No matter what ever I do blackheads was not ready to leave my skin. I tried everything from scrubbing to steaming even have tried my luck with lot of home remedies but nothing happened.

Then I came to know that we should rub a slice of tomato on our face after exposure to sunlight as tomato helps to remove tanning. So I started using tomato. I just cut a slice of fresh tomato and rub it on to my facial skin.  Whenever I use tomato and washed my face with water my skin felt tight, fresh and the size of the open pores were reduced and of course it helped to reduce tanning too. I continued using tomato and slowly and slowly I noticed that my stubborn blackheads are also getting reduced. And after such long time they are completely disappeared.

12383tomatoToday I recommend using tomato to everyone and I should say that tomato is a magical ingredient. Easy to find, easy to use! But don’t expect the result just in a day or a week, be patient and use it continuously. You will definitely see good results in a long run.

I just use it in an easy way, cut a slice and just rub it on my skin. But you can also mash the tomato and then use it. Or you can also take out its pulp with a spoon and rub it on to your skin. Lets read your opinion on Tomatoes?

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