Max Factor Eye Shadow Pencil Ebony 1


Max Factor Eye Shadow Pencil Ebony 1

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Many of us neglect our eyebrows, but the truth is that eyebrows if done properly make a huge difference to your makeup and enhance your beautify. So today I am going to review a budget friendly eye brow pencil, it is one of my favorite, I am using it for 2 years now and trust me, after getting this eyebrow pencil I am not able to switch to any other pencil, this one is amazing and, when I say amazing I meant it!

So let’s start with the review on Max Factor Eye Shadow Pencil Ebony 1.




Price:  Rs. 220

Product claims:

No make-up look is complete without neatly defined eyebrows; ask any make-up artist and they’ll tell you just how important it is! The secret is to make it look as natural as possible, which is why this brow pencil is ideal. The brush applicator subtly grooms and perfectly defines your brows. Even over plucked brows will look naturally fuller and thicker!


It’s a wooden pencil which has a little hair brush on the cap which makes it even easy to use. It sharpens smoothly with a regular sharpener.

My thoughts on Max Factor eye brow pencil ebony 1:

I don’t have too thick eyebrows so I need to fill them to give them a fuller look. But I use to do nothing for my brows until I came across this product. Some girls use to fill their eyebrows with black color pencil but I think that black color make eyebrows look fake. Max Factor eyebrow pencil ebony 1 is not a jet black eyebrow pencil but it is slightly grayish black. Women with dark brown or Black eyebrow hair can definitely use this eyebrow pencil.

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Eyebrow pencil always need to be little stiff so that while applying it there is not too much deposition of product on eyebrows in just one swipe, so Max Factor eyebrow pencil is stiff and decently pigmented with soft and creamy texture, although it is not too much creamy. I use it with very light hands and with small strokes on my eye brows; it makes my eyebrows look thicker ad fuller without giving them any fake appearance. Another best thing about Max Factor eyebrow pencil is its staying power, it stays for whole day YES the whole day, no touch ups required.  It is not waterproof but it does not create any mess, it just loose its intensity and the color becomes week.

This is an excellent product which will always have a space in my vanity; I cannot live without this eyebrow pencil and cannot think to switch to any other. Max factor eye brow pencil is highly recommended for all girls. YOU MUST HAVE IT (I think I am requesting you all to have this product. :P)




My likes and dislikes about Max Factor eyebrow pencil ebony 1:


  1. Very affordable.
  2. Easily available.
  3. Nice pigmentation.
  4. Sharpens easily without breaking.
  5. Comes with a grooming brush which is very useful. You don’t have to carry an extra brush for your brows.
  6. Packaging is nice and sturdy.
  7. Shade is perfect for dark brown or black eyebrow hairs.
  8. Stays on for entire day.
  9. Not waterproof but does not create a mess while washing face or simply while rubbing.
  10. Texture is soft and creamy.
  11. It is stiff which does not allow the extra deposition of product.
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I like everything about this eyebrow pencil. It’s just perfect.

Will I recommend it?

Definitely YES, actually I would request you all to buy it J

My rating: