Maybelline Fruity Jelly In Shade Sparkling Grape


Maybelline Fruity Jelly In Shade Sparkling Grape

Hey girls

Today I am going to review the yummiest lip gloss that I have ever tried. I got this free as a gift as I was doing plenty of makeup shopping. 🙂


What the product claims:

  • Non sticky nature.
  • Spread easily.
  • Comes in seven delicious flavors and shades.
  • Has a glossy shine which last through the day.

Price: Rs. 150



My  Take On Maybelline  Fruity Jelly Sparkling Grape Lip Gloss

I quit love this gloss. It comes in a tube packaging which makes it easy to use and hygienic too. I apply a thin layer of this gloss on my lips and it tasted yummmm. I should confess that I usually lick this lipgloss (not my fault it is soo yummm 🙂 ). So to check its staying power I controlled myself from licking it and yes it has awesome staying power. It stays on my lips for 2 hours which is generally not expected from a transparent sheer lipgloss.

Its texture is quit thick so if applied more then one layer then you will feel heavy and gooey on your lips. It has slight purple tint in to it and also have  very fine shimmery particles which disappears as the gloss disappears and no shimmer are left behind leaving an ugly shimmery effect.

Lets some up the pros and cons :


  1. Its yummyyy.
  2. Does not leave the shimmer behind giving an ugly shimmery look.
  3. Staying power is good.
  4. Does not settles on fine lines.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Packaging is hygienic and travel friendly.
  7. Its smells awesome and I love it .( but  it can be a con for some people so always check the smell before purchasing)
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cons :

  1. Does not cover the pigmentation on lips so pigmented lips beauties can skip this.
  2. If thick layer is applied then you will feel heavy and gooey as if you have applied gum on your lips.

Will I buy this again 

I think it will last a long time . And I would love to try its other shades too.


My rating:


So girls try out these cute lip glosses. I think school and college going girls should definitely give it Maybelline Fruity Jelly a try.

Loves and hugs 🙂