Natures Essence Magic Fruit Extract Range Walnut Scrub


Natures Essence Magic Fruit Extract Range Walnut Scrub

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We get our facials done on regular basis, apply several creams, homemade  facepacks  and do whatever is possible to get a better facial skin. But feet get neglected as if they don’t belong to us, I don’t know why many of us do thatL. Your feet need equal importance , start taking care of them and trust me you don’t have to spend a long time to get soft and healthy looking feet.

I use foot creams and exfoliate my feet on regular basis. Currently I am using this nature essence magic fruit extract range walnut scrub and wanted to share my experience with this scrub. So let’s start with the review.



Price: 100 Rs for 100gm.

Shelf life: 3 years.

What the product claims:

Walnut grains and rose petal oil make an ideal combination to weed out the dead cells and instigate faster cellular regeneration, at the same time softening the epidermal layer of feet.


Gently rub the scrub on wet feet after thorough cleansing of the feet. 3-5 min gently scrubbing is advisable.

Key Ingredients:

Rosa  Centifolia 4.20%, Pyrus Cydonia 3.50%, Azadirachta Inica 3.75%, Pronus Armeniaca 2.50%,Juglana Regia  9.50%, Mentha Sativa 4.50%, Gelidium Cartlagidum 6.50%, Honey Wax 3.50%, distilled water Q.S.


This scrub comes in an orange color plastic tube with a screw on lid. This tube is totally travel friendly as the cap fits tight and the product never spills out. But I did not like the tube packaging. One has to dig it out by dipping their hands inside the container again and again which is so unhygienic.

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My take on Natures Essence Magic Fruit Extract Range Walnut Scrub

This scrub is a gel based scrub, it consistency is not very thin. It has pinkish color with a very strong smell and the smell lingers for about 1hr after scrubbing. I really love the strong smell it has; it is very floral and feminine.

I scrub my feet with this scrub twice a week for 10 minutes and the small particles present in this scrub exfoliates feet very well, it take off all the dead skin as it claims and makes my feet soft & fresh, and yes, it gives nice floral smell to my feet for long time, as it is a gel based scrub so I prefer to use it during summers. I really like it. I think in this price it is a great buy. J

My likes and dislikes on Natures Essence Magic Fruit Extract Range Walnut Scrub


  1. Makes feet soft and smooth.
  2. Exfoliates well and refreshes tired feet by removing all the dead skin.
  3. Gives nice smell to feet which lingers for a longer time.
  4. Good for summers.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Contains natural ingredients.


  1. Unhygienic  packaging.
  2. Only key ingredients are mentioned.

My rating:


Will I buy it again?

Yes I will and will recommend to my readers too. If you are looking for a budget friendly foot scrub then you must give this Natures Essence Magic Fruit Extract Range Walnut Scrub a try.