Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Shade Cherry – Review and Swatches


Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm Review

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Hope you all are enjoying the summer, but yeah I know there is nothing we can enjoy in this weather, it is so damn HOT :(. But yeah the blog goes on no matter how sleepy I feel in these lazy days :(. So today I have come up with another lip balm review and once again it’s my favorite range from Nivea. It’s Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in shade Cherry. I have already reviewed the pomegranate variant of this range here.

Price: INR 129 for 4.8 gm. 

Shelf life: 18 months 

Nivea-Fruity-Shine-Lip-Balm-in-Shade-Cherry- Review

Nivea-Fruity-Shine-Lip-Balm-in-Shade-Cherry- Review

My Experience with Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm

This lip balm comes in a tube like travel friendly packaging. It has nice cherry like fragrance which goes away after application. It gives a nice reddish tint to my lips which I adore in the same way like I loved the tint that pomegranate lip balm use to give me. But this Nivea fruity shine cherry lip balms is little bit lighter than the Nivea fruity shine pomegranate lip balm. It gives a nice fresh look to my face which I love. it also provides a beautiful glossy finish to my lips.

This lip balm glides on lips very smoothly and does not feel heavy on lips. If we talk about the moisturizing part then yeah I would say that it moisturizes the lips which are already in good condition, but if it is used for the dry and chapped lips then it won’t work at all. It moisturizes my lips for about one or one and half hour after which it fades away leaving behind absolutely no tint and no moisturizing effect.

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Overall I would say that it is a normal lip balm which gives a beautiful subtle tint to lips but does not provide enough moisture and will not work for dry and chapped lips.

Nivea-Fruity-Shine-Lip-Balm-in-Shade-Cherry- Review

Nivea-Fruity-Shine-Lip-Balm-in-Shade-Cherry- Review

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Good Things about Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm

  1. Provides beautiful subtle red tint to lips.
  2. Moisturizes lips for about one or one and half hour.
  3. Easy to use and hygienic packaging.
  4. Glides like butter on lips.

Bad Things about Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm

  1. Moisturizing effect could have been better.

My Rating:


Will I Recommend Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm?

Yeah! If you already have smooth lips then you can give this a shot, but if your lips are dry and chapped then stay away from this lip balm.