Oganic Harvest Under Eye Gel Review


Oganic Harvest Under Eye Gel Review

I keep using so many eye creams and gels to keep informing you people that how important it is to give some special care to the skin around our eyes as it is very delicate and tend to cause wrinkles easily. So today I came up with another eye cream review and the thing which attracted me about this eye gel is its natural ingredient list.

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Price: Rs. 495

Quantity: 15gms.




What the product say?

Many skin problems, such as dark circles under the eyes, dull skin, dark skin and puffy eyes can be due to poor blood circulation. By stimulating blood circulation, this under eye gel that has glucose and flavanoids, helps you combat dark circles, tired skin and puffiness under the eyes.

My Experience with Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel:

The gel has a runny consistency and it has slight yellowish tint to it, but thankfully this tint does not show up around the eyes. I apply very small amount of this gel around my eyes and it gets absorbed easily, it provides skin a slight cooling sensation which I love as it relaxes my eyes. The thing I hate is that after application my eye area feel little stretched out but this feeling goes away after few minutes and my skin feels hydrated, still this stretchy feeling is a big concern for me as I think that instead of curing the wrinkles it can give me some more of it.

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I have used a whole jar I haven’t noticed any change in my dark circles, it does not work on fine lines too. The only pro of this eye gel is that in the morning I get up with well Hydrated, little toned up and fresh looking eye area.



Good about Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel:

  1. Hydrates skin well.
  2. Make the eye area look fresh and toned up.
  3. Get absorbed easily.
  4. Provide cooling sensation to eyes.
  5. Very affordable.
  6. Contains natural ingredients.

Bad thing about Organic Harvest Under Eye Gel:

  1. Gives slight stretchy feeling to skin.
  2. Does nothing to reduce dark circles and fine lines.
  3. Tub packaging

My Rating:


Will I recommend?

Yes, if you are looking just for a simple eye gel which hydrates your skin then you can give this a try. There is nothing much special about this gel.