Oriflame Cherry Blossom Hand Cream Review


Oriflame Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Hey Friends

If you have been reading me here for a while now; you must be knowing my love for hand creams and how often I go buy a new one even though I’m in love with the current hand cream I’m using. I don’t know why but I guess I get bored of using the same product again and again. This time I came up with the review of Oriflame Cherry Blosson Hand Cream.

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Price: Rs. 229 for 75gm.



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My Experience with Oriflame Cherry Blossom Hand Cream:

Thank god the cream comes in tube packaging because I was so irritated using my Khadi Saffron Hand cream with tub packaging. The tub Packaging is just Ewwww! For me, it is so unhygienic. So this hand cream is slightly pinkish in color and the consistency is quite runny, as I take this hand cream on my hand it starts to melt and start slipping of from my hand. The cream has a mild fragrance which stays on hand for about an hour.

I take a pea size of this cream on hand and gives a massage for couple of seconds. This cream does not get absorbed completely into the skin but still my hand doesn’t feel any greasiness (now I think that’s magic :P). I have to wait for some time for the cream to get absorbed as massaging does not help. My hands are dry, therefore this Orflame Cherry hand cream isn’t perfect for my hand to provide moisture. It does not makes my hand soft or anything, I have to keep reapplying it which I really hate. I bought this cream long time back and still it is lying on my dressing as I don’t feel like using it because it does nothing good for my hands.

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Good about Oriflame Cherry Blossom Hand Cream:

  1. Tube packaging.
  2. Only pea size needed each time.

Bad about Oriflame Cherry Blossom Hand Cream:

  1. Does not work for very dry hands like my hands.
  2. Does not provide enough moisturizer.
  3. Take time to get absorbed completely.
  4. Lot of reapplication is needed.
  5. Does not make hands soft.

My Rating: 2/5

Would I recommend?

No, Girls with dry skin like me should skip this. Girls with oily and sweaty hands can give this one a try.