Sattvik Foot Care Rehydrating Massage Cream


Sattvik foot care rehydrating massage cream

Hello girls

Hope you all are having a good time. Today I am going to write a review on a foot cream which I got from an online site (And now I don’t remember the name of the site :P). I don’t know what is happening to me these days, I keep forgetting things, like today when my mom said to me that if I am like this in this age then what will happen to me when I become old (God save me).

Anyway let’s continue with the review, so I got this foot cream from an online site. The things that attracted me to buy this foot cream is the natural ingredient list and the brand name as I have never used any product of this brand. So let’s see that does this cream fulfill my requirements or not.


img_0220Price: Rs 200.

Shelf life: 2 years.

What the product says:

This organic foot cream is a useful blend of mint, almond and rose petal oil. It offers your feet and ankle- deep moisturizing and nourishment so that they can stand up to rigors of modern day living. The extra rich shea butter gives relief while you sleep. For feet which are fit and fine, this nourishing cream is an ideal companion.


Persea Americana Oil (Avacado Oil), Prunus Amygdalus Oil (Almond Oil), Bees Wax, Ricinus Communis, Vitamin E, Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Aloe Vera Extract), Demineralised Water.



img_0222My Take on the product:

I got this foot cream from I was very excited as I have never tried any product from this brand, so it was new to me. 🙂 The cream has a nice fragrance which does not linger for a long time, it comes in a tub packaging and we all know that tub packaging is very unhygienic because we have to dip our hand in to cream again and again. Before going to bed I cleansed my foot and applied this cream and massaged it until it got absorbed. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness behind. As compared to some other foot creams the texture of this foot cream is slightly thin. It does not moisturize my feet that well so I think the texture of this cream should have been slightly thicker because our feet need lots of motorization.

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As per its claim I think this cream is good for those people who have well maintained feet. It won’t help the people whose feet are already cracked. I am using it for a month now and want to finish it as soon as possible because I want cream which does not only claims but actually moisturizes my feet well.

Let’s some up the pros and cons:


  1. Have nice floral smell.
  2. All ingredients are natural.
  3. Good for people with well maintained feet.


  1. Does not give enough moisturisation.
  2. Moisturizing effect is not long lasting.
  3. Will not work for cracked and very dry feet.
  4. Unhygienic tub packaging.

My rating:


Will I repurchase it?

No way! I want to provide lot’s of moisturisation to my feet. Let me know your view on this Sattvik foot care rehydrating massage cream?