Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser Review


Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser Review

There are so many ways to remove makeup and one of them is the cleansing milk. This is the first ever thing I bought to remove my makeup, in the beginning, I didn’t know anything about the makeup removers and yeah this is true hehe. Makeup removers were something introduced to me after cleansing milk.

So after trying a good number of cleaning milk I gave up on them because truly speaking none of them suited my skin. They irritated my facial skin, gave me burning sensation and lot more. So I thought that it is better to stay away from them and started using olive oil to clean my makeup until I found this amazing product in my April 2016 Fab Bag.

Soultree was something new for my ears, never heard the brand name before. So obviously I was excited to give this new cleanser a try without knowing that this one will take the top most place on the list of the cleansers I have ever tried.

Price: Rs.350 for 200ml

What the brand claims?

With its subtle floral notes this everyday face cleanser and
make- up remover cleans and protect your skin. Organic aloe and fresh rose water
is blended with extracts of organic licorice to give your skin multiple benefits.
It cools and heals skin, lightens sun tan and reduces blemishes with daily use.
Dab on the cleanser after a wash. Spread across  face and neck and wipe off with
cotton wool to remove dirt and make -up.

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The Soul Tree Promise –

Our products are made with natural ingredients using
eco- friendly processes. They are free from harsh chemicals and have fresh and
abundant extracts of select organic herbs prepared in- house in true ayurvedic



My Experience with Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser Review

Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser comes in a bottle with a flip open cap. The consistency is quite thin and runny and the formula is nongreasy. It has a very nice herbal smell which I love. I use this cleanser to clean my makeup and it does a great job. I massage it on my skin for a minute and then wipe it off wth a moist cotton pad, sometimes I repeat the procedure if required. Obviously, I wash my face after that 🙂

It cleanses base makeup nicely and does a great job in cleaning my eye makeup as well. To my surprise, it did a great job in cleaning my smudge proof makeup which generally most of the cleansing milk fail to do. The best part is it does not irritate my skin even a little bit. I have never noticed any redness after using this cleanser, it is so mild that it never irritates my eyes. My skin is very dry and it feels drier after removing my makeup, but this cleanser has helped to overcome that problem. It moisturizes my skin well and does not make it feel fresh.

Overall I am glad that I came across this cleanser, it has turned out to be my favorite cleanser up till now. Still can’t say anything about the sun tan removal claim as I don’t have any.

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Pros of Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser

  1. Free from paraben and  silicon.
  2. Very light on the skin.
  3. makes skin feel fresh.
  4. cleanse makeup thoroughly (even smudge proof makeup)
  5. does not irritate skin and eyes.
  6. Has a pleasant smell.
  7. Did not cause any breakouts.

Cons Soultree Aloe and Rose Water Cleanser

Seriously can not find any.

My Rating:


My Recommendation:

Highly Recommended, I am sure you will love it too 🙂