Tips For Would Be Brides and Grooms


Tips For Would Be Brides and Grooms

Hello readers

Winters and wedding season both have started. As you all know I love winters, but this time I love it more as my brother is going to get marry this year on December 4th. So obviously lot of shopping is going at my place, but my sister in law has made it easier for me, she has gifted me such a beautiful lehnga, that I am going to wear it on the day of reception, I’ll share the photos of lehnga soon with you guyz (right now I am trying to keep my outfit little bit secret :D) here.

Ok enough of chitchatting now, today I am here to share some tips for both bride and groom that they should follow before and while wedding day.

Tips For would be Bride:


  1. Check your wedding dress 2 days before, may be you will need an alteration. Dress should be ironed and no beads should be missing.
  2. Check your shoes too, and it is my advice to practice to walk on your high heels, this will make them little bit loose and will make you comfortable in them on your wedding day.
  3. Get your accessories (hairpin. Safety pin, undergarments and hair accessories) in one bag. You should not be scrambling up at the last moment.
  4. Arrange a safety kit for yourself. It should include safety pins, bobby pins, needle and a thread, baby wipes and cotton wipes.)
  5. Do not change your skin care routine a week before and do not get the facial done a day before wedding to get that extra glow because if it causes any damage to your skin then you won’t have time to fix it.
  6. Do not stress yourself. Take good sleep to avoid dark circles. Get a relaxing spa at saloon.
  7. Get rid of your phone, give it to your mom or to one of your bridesmaid because while getting ready you need to be really stressed free, else the calls of your aunts can annoy you a lot.
  8. A week before you can have a get together with your bride’s maid. In this you can decide that who will take care of your phone and who will carry your stuff and safety kit. At the end you can have fun and remember days that you spend together.
  9. Have some family time also. Watch some old photographs together to recall the memories. This may bring tears in your parents and your eyes, but after all they are tears of joy. 🙂
  10.  write a small love note for your groom. You can message him or can give him in written and ask his friend to give him that note right before wedding. You can write some romantic line like “I want our marriage to be more beautiful than our wedding” or “Can’t wait anymore to be your wife forever” ….and to make it sexy you can write “What’s next after the wedding…:P”… This will make your man happy and he will want to marry you even more.
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Tips for would be Groom:


  1. Get your suit or sherwani checked 2 days before wedding, may be you will need an alteration.
  2. Please do not wear white socks with black shoes.
  3. Get your hair nicely trimmed.
  4. Get yourself clean shaved or if you are planning to keep a beard look then get your beard trimmed nicely.
  5. It’s just not the bride thing; you can also get your facial done a week before.
  6. Get your nails cut.
  7. Take good sleep before wedding, your bride want to see her groom but not a zombee with red eyes and dark circles. 😀
  8. Get yourself involved in wedding planning as it is just not your mom’s duty to plan the whole wedding.
  9. If your bride wants’ a photo shoot with you then support her as these photographs are very important for bride.
  10. Do not flirt or stare at your bride’s friends because people are staring at you all the time. 😛
  11. There is always a time to get sentimental, send her a message write before wedding like….. “Love was just a word for me until you came in and gave it a meaning….can’t wait to see you as a bride…MY BRIDE! :-)”
  12. When you meet her, tell her that she is looking beautiful (She has done a lot to become a bride, makeup jewelry heavy outfit…it’s really not easy…she is waiting to hear that from you).
  13. You can’t imagine how much emotional she is getting while leaving her family behind. Console her, forget the public and hold her hand while walking with her, may be just for the minute…after all she is your wife now.
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am11-indian-bride-and-groom-hands-during-ceremony-e1369940073407So these were some tips for both bride and groom, hope it will help you in your wedding day. Let’s share your views on would be Brides and Grooms in comments.

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