Tips to get kissable lips


Tips to get Kissable lips

I know most of the girls dream to have kissable lips, and there is no need to tell that why we dream so :P. So today i will share some simple tips to get kissable lips.

healthy-lipsTip 1.

We all brush our teeth in the morning, what if i say that we should also brush our lips:P. Yes that’s true we should rub our brush very lightly on our lips or we can also rub a moist towel on lips. This will exfoliate Your lips and will remove all the dead skin. Home made scrub can also be used to scrub the lips. Just mix small amount of honey with sugar and your lip scrub is ready.

exfoliate-lipsTip 2.

Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly quickly after exfoliation and apply whenever needed. Use lip balm with spf on exposure to sun to prevent it from sun damage.

Chapped-Lips-Applying-Lip-Balm-620x413Tip 3.

Never ever lick your lips with your tongue. I know how much we all feel like licking our lips whenever we feel that our lips are getting dry. But we should never lick our lips because licking lips again and again causes the moisture to evaporate quickly making our lips more dry.

licking_lipsTip 4:

Always remove your lip make-up with make-up remover before going to bed at night and then moisturise them well.

How-to-Remove-Lipstick-from-Lips-700x357Tip 5.

Dry chapped lips are the signal that your body is dehydrated, so drink lot’s of water to keep lips lips hydrated.

Girl-Drinking-WaterThese simple tips can give you the kissable lips, not only your partner but you will fell good too:).

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Try them and follow them on daily basis:).

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