Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Blueberry Review


Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Blueberry Review

Hey girls

With my love for lip balm I always come up with the best lip balm reviews for you all. This time I have added this Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Blueberry in my shopping cart just to save my shipping, although it was suggested to me by my cousin so I thought of giving it a try. This is one of the best affordable lip balm I have come across up till now. It comes in different flavor so I have picked blueberry for myself.

Price: 30 Rs.

Shelf lIfe: 3 years



My experience with Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Blueberry

The lip balm looks blue in color but it is not a tinted lip balm, so if you want your lips to turn blue then this one is not for you :p, I am glad that I bought this lip balm, it works amazingly. Very small is needed and it glides on lips smoothly and does not feel heavy or sticky at all. It moisturizes them really well and stays on lips for about 2-3 hours which is considered as a really good staying power when it comes to lip balm.

The only con with this lip balm is that it comes in a tub packaging which is really very unhygienic. Overall I love this lip balm and looking to buy some other variants. At this price I think everyone can give it a try, it won’t hurt your pocket too.



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Pros of Vaadi Herbal Lip Balm:

  1. Very affordable.
  2. Moisturise lips really well.
  3. staying power is too good.
  4. Mildly scented.
  5. tasteless.
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Cons of Vaadi Herbal Lip Balm:

  1. comes in tub packaging which is unhygienic.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend?

A big YES. For this price, I think everyone should try it out.