Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture


Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture

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Has been a long time I haven’t come up with any review on this blog for you beauties around. So here I come up with yet another review on Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture lip balm. Let’s read on more to find out how beneficial it could be for your lip.


Price: 35 Rs. For 10gm. (I think the price has been increased because I bought this same lip balm last year for 25rs. Prices only increases if the product is doing good business and, product does good business only when we girls find it best to use. So good news it could be!)

Shelf life: 2 years

Caution: Not to be used for children under 3 years of age.


This lip balm comes in a tube packaging. To get the product out you have to squeeze the tube with your fingers. If some extra of this product comes out then it is not possible to put it back in to the tube – Remembered the old toothpaste formula? 😉



My Take on the Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture Lip Balm

This lip balm has no smell. It feels light on skin and, moisture your lips until it does not get disappeared (works till its last breath). Happy? You shouldn’t be as its staying power is only of 1 hour; you have to reapply it again and again to keep the moisture remain on your lips. I think that it can be a good substitute of lip balm like if you are running out of your favorite lip balm and, have nothing to use, then you can definitely give this lip balm a try.

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The good and bad:


  1. Nice tube packaging which makes it hygienic.
  2. Hydrate lips for some time.
  3. Has no smell.
  4. Very affordable.


  1. Sometimes it pops out in not-so-required-quantity from the tube which cannot be taken back and thus get wasted.
  2. Staying power is very less.
  3. No ingredient list mention.

My rating:


Will I buy this again?

Yes definitely but as a substitute lip balm.

If you have already used this lip balm then share your experience by commenting below this post. I’ll love to hear your experience.

My hugs to all beauties