Vega Beginners Makeup Brushes Kit Review


Hello beauties

When it comes to makeup, makeup brushes play an important role.  They are the key for the perfect makeup. So today I am going to review Vega Beginners Makeup Brushes. Vega provides both professional and beginners makeup brushes. The professional ones come with the black handle and the beginner’s makeup brushes have yellow color wooden handle. The beginners vega brushes are also cheaper when compared to professional vega makeup brushes.

Enough of the chit-chat let’s talk on the review of Vega Beginners Makeup Brushes.

Price: Rs. 630

Packaging:  These brushes come in a black colored case packaging. Each brush has a space for itself. The packaging is very travel friendly. I love it.





What does the kit contains:

The kit consist of 9 makeup brushes, these are as follows

  1. Foundation brush.
  2. Blush brush.
  3. Eye shadow brush.
  4. Eye shadow applicator.
  5. Eyeliner brush.
  6. Mascara brush (also known as Spooli)
  7. Eye groomer brush.
  8. Lip liner brush.
  9. Lip filler brush.

My experience with vega beginners makeup brushes kit:

The bristles of these brushes are very soft and are made of high quality nylon. These brushes give control and help to apply makeup evenly. They are easy to wash and also dry out very fast. I noticed that no shedding of bristles take place while washing these brushes  accept the blush brush which shed 1 or 2 bristle in every wash. Handle of these brushes is made of wood which is polished to give it a shine which looks very classy. I will share my thought with each brush one by one.

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1. Foundation Brush: It is a flat foundation brush; its hairs are densely packed which helps to apply foundation evenly. Sometimes it leaves a streak marks wile applying foundation but this problem can be neglected as it works great if used properly. This is the great foundation brush for makeup beginners. It will be perfect for the application of liquid foundation.


2.  Blush Brush: This brush is not very densely packed though it picks up the right amount of product and also blends the blush very well. But it is not at all soft. It feels so scratchy on skin; I just hate to use it. While washing this brush shedding of bristles also take place. This brush can also be used as a powder brush to set the foundation.


3. Eye shadow brush: It is a medium eye shadow brush, it picks descent amount of color and helps to apply eye shadow evenly without any patches and also helps to blend the eye shadows.


4. Eye shadow applicator: It is a typical sponge applicator. The tip is very delicate, while washing I feel that the tip will come out although it never comes out 🙂 .  This sponge tip picks the descent amount of color. It prevents the fall out of eye shadow on the cheeks.


5. Eye Liner brush: The eyeliner brush is so thin with a tapered tip. It gives perfect even line. It is perfect for the application of gel and cake liners.


6. Mascara brush (Spooli): This is the same brush which you get with the mascara. It is used for brushing the eye brows.

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7. Eye Groomer Brush: I use the comb side of this brush to comb the eye lashes and to remove any lumps of mascara. I use the brush side to brush the eyebrows after filling to remove any excess product and give the eyebrows nice and natural look.


8. Lip Liner Brush: This brush is very thin, perfect for creating the thin line to outline the lips. For thin lips it helps to create the line slightly outward to give the fuller looking lips.


9. Lip Filler Brush: This brush has decent amount of hairs which are packed in a flat shape. It glides on lips very easily and apply the color evenly.


My likes and dislikes on Vega Beginners Makeup Brushes Kit Review


  1. Affordable.
  2. Bristles are soft except the bristles of blush brush.
  3. These brushes are easy to clean and get dried off very quickly, the hardly shed any hair while washing.
  4. Blush brush can be used for blush as well as powder application.
  5. These brushes come in a nice travel friendly packaging.
  6. Has a nice classy wooden handle.
  7. Perfect kit for beginners.


  1. Bristles of blush brush are not soft and feel scratchy on skin.
  2. Blush brush shed hairs while washing.
  3. The tip of sponge tip applicator is very delicate.

Will I recommend it?

Yes I will it is a perfect kit for girls who want to learn makeup but don’t want to spend large amount of money on makeup brushes. It is a perfect kit for beginners!

My rating:


Let me know your experience with Vega Beginners Makeup Brushes Kit Review.

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