Vivel Cell Renew Hand Cream Nourish + Repair Review


 Vivel Cell Renew Hand Cream Nourish+Repair Review

Hey girls,

Today I came up with another review and this time it’s a hand cream by Vivel. You all know that I had a bad experience with my born pretty store tender hand cream, guys, I didn’t wanted to even finish that hand cream. It is just lying in my dressing, I will through it soon. It was a Dud :(. So when I was looking for a new hand cream online, this Vivel hand cream caught my attention and I decided to give it a try, I used the available coupons and trust me, it’s an amazing place where you can get coupons and use them to buy beauty products in best rates. I also used Groupon coupons at CupoNation while I made a purchase when shopping online that day!!

vivel  cell renew hand cream review

vivel  cell renew hand cream review


Rs. 169 for 50gm. (without any discount)


vivel  cell renew hand cream review

My Experience Vivel Cell Renew Hand Cream

As I lost all my hopes on born pretty store hand cream which did not worked for me so I checked out some shopping sites for a new hand cream. I usually visit for the beauty stuff and shopping for the same online Vivel hand Cream caught my attention. This cream comes in a simple white colored tube with a flip open cap, nothing special or fancy but very easy to use and travel friendly. The cream is of white color and the consistency is just perfect, neither too thick nor runny. It spreads easily on hand, get absorbed quickly and, completely without leaving any greasy feeling behind. It has a very strong fragrance which stays for about an hour. I am in love with this fragrance and I keep smelling my hands until the fragrance doesn’t fades away.

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Once I apply this Vivel Cell Renew Hand Cream my hands feel hydrated and well moisturized but not for the very long time. I have to reapply this hand cream in every two to three hours. It did not did anything special for my hands and I think it won’t suit the girls with very dry hands.

vivel  cell renew hand cream review


vivel  cell renew hand cream review

vivel  cell renew hand cream review

Good things:

  1. Smooth in texture and spreads easily.
  2. Moisturizes well (dry hands will need reapplication).
  3. Has strong fragrance which I love (may be a con for some).
  4. Travel friendly and easy to use packaging.
  5. Get absorbs quickly and does not leave any greasiness behind.

Bad things:

  1. Won’t suit people with extremely dry hands.

My Rating:


Will I recommend it?

YES it is a good buy, but girls with very dry hands should stay away from it.

Have you tried this Vivel Cell Renew Hand Cream, let me know through your comments.