VlCC Skin Defense Almond Under Eye Cream Review


VlCC Skin Defense Almond Eye Under Cream Review

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Stress, sleepless night, late night parties, sitting in front of computer for hours and hours has become our regular routine which lead to give dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around eyes. Skin around eyes is very delicate so we have to take special care of it. That’s why today’s review is on under eye cream from VLCC which I am using from last three months.



Price: Rs. 190 for 15g.

What the product claims:

This unique light formulation with the goodness of almond and wheatgerm nourishes and moisturizes the under eye area, It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, also firm and tones skin around the eye area. The natural active ingredients in this cream help in reducing sighs of fatigue and stress by increasing blood circulation in the affected area.

Key ingredients:

Chamomile Extract, Wheatgerm Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-Panthenol.

Method of use:

Apply appropriate amount from the inside of the eye contour to the outside. Gently massage the eye contour area with your ring finger. Suits all skin types!

For best results:

Use twice a day after cleansing the face





It comes in a small tub packaging, the tub looks really cute. It has a screw lid which fits tightly. I don’t support the tub packaging as it is very unhygienic.

My experience with VLCC Skin Defense under Eye Almond Cream

The cream has a nice very mild fragrance. I use a little amount of it under my eyes and massage it with my ring finger. The creams consistency is very light and it gets absorbs easily and does not leave any greasiness behind. It moisturizes and hydrates the under eye area very well. This cream has reduced puffiness and has also gave little bit firmness to my under eye area. But I have not noticed any reduction in dark circles and fine lines around my eyes. But for sure it has lightened the dark circles but they have not vanished completely. I really like this eye cream because in such a cheap price it is giving me nice and satisfactory results. I think its continuous usage will give me much better results. I use it twice a day after my CTM routine and also use it under my makeup and it works well. The cream is very light textured so I think it will suit all skin types as per it claims.

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My likes and dislikes about this product VLCC Skin Defense under Eye Almond Cream


1. Affordable.
2. Very small amount is needed so tub will last longer.
3. Reduces puffiness.
4. Very light textured so gets absorb easily.
5. Does not leave greasiness behind.
6. For all skin types.
7. Gives little bit firmness to the eye area.
8. Has loads of natural ingredients.
9. Can also be used under concealer.
10. Easily available.
11. Has a very mild fragrance.
12. Moisturizes and hydrates the under eye area.
13. Reduces the dark circle to a very less extent.


1. Tub packaging really looks cute but it is not at all hygienic.
2. Does nothing to reduce the fine lines around eyes.
3. Only key ingredients are mentioned.

My rating:

Will I recommend:

Yes I will, it’s a nice affordable eye cream which works slowly but at the end gives you good results.