Worst Makeup Worn By Hollywood Celebrities


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Few days back I posted an article on worst makeup worn by our favorite Bollywood actresses, remember? It isn’t happening with Indian actress but with Hollywood actresses as well witnessing bad makeup day. Here I have piled up a list of few Hollywood actresses with worst makeup worn on their bad makeup day which counts in one more fun post at adorableshe.com. :-). Let’s take a look!

1. Taylor momsen


We all know that taylor momsen the reckless singer loves to wear heavy Goth Smokey eye makeup but take a look at her eye makeup in this photo. It is looking disaster. All her eye shadow has spilled under her eye. The Goth eye makeup is not at all clean and giving her a dirty appearance.

2. Julianne Nicholson


An American actress having freckled skin failed to choose a perfect color for her eye makeup in this look. Icy blue eye makeup is giving a ghost like appearance to her because she has a freckled skin. She must have covered her skin well with foundation and should have concealed everything.

3. Nicole Kidman


Nicole kidman the ‘A’ list actress in America seems to not having mirror in her house. The concealer under her eyes is clearly visible. Dear if you can’t check yourself before going out then  your  beauticians must be fired as they are not doing good job.

4. Zoe kravitz


She is an American actress, singer and model. Not only makeup, let’s talk about her whole look in this photo. Braided hair, nose ring in a centre, Smokey eyes and those bushy eyebrows making her look worst.

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5. Hannah Bronfman


Her makeup is looking good but what the hell with those blue eyebrows. Who color their eyebrows into blue? 😛

6. Jessica Wild


Jessica wild a professional makeup artist went totally wrong with her makeup. I don’t know what look she has tried to achieve in this look. She is looking like a cartoon. The ghastly lenses, those weird false eye lashes and that lip liner are looking awful. The face is totally looking like a cartoon.

7. Jodie Marsh


Jodie Marsh a famous model and a body builder has applied bronze blush on her cheeks and on her nose too, Not looking good girl. 😛

8. Emma Watson


Our favorite Emma Watson has tried black and gold eye makeup with those bushy eyebrows, didn’t worked.

9. Christina Aguilera


I think a beautiful actress and singer Christina Aguilera has tried a tan makeup here. She has applied the foundation of darker shade and I think  forgot  to do her eyebrows, they are totally disappeared. 😛

10. Amy Childs


She has tried a peacock eye shadow look which is looking OK, but that loads of powder/concealer under her eye is destroying everything.

So this is the list of the worst makeup worn by Hollywood celebrities. So according to you who is going to top the list of worst makeup ever? Let me know if you have seen any other actress on their mad makeup day and I’ll add them up in this list of Worst Makeup Worn by Hollywood Celebrities.

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